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Some late comments ~

Wars fought over the Regency board vary greatly in their conduct. Some may consist of a long series of skirmishes in the Barons’ rank with attrition eventually reducing the number of pieces in play sufficiently to allow a Chief to slip through to the Earls’ rank and then on to an unopposed victory. Rather more usual are battles between adjoining barriers heightening the tension with each throw of the dice threatening slaughter. Some will have barriers formed even in the Dukes’ rank where there is no room for faint hearts or misjudgement. The variety of Regency is infinite.

One hugely important feature of this game that distinguishes it from other board games is the dramatic shifts of schwerpunkt (the point of critical influence) that occur without warning. These may be owed to a decision not to enter a sanctuary and thus to continue unexpectedly in the same rank, or to the consequences of an attack the attacker wanted to avoid but was forced by the dice to undertake (remember Bruce dirking Comyn in the Church of the Friars Minor!), or to the rescue of prisoners when the castle in which they are imprisoned is successfully besieged.

Beginners tend to undervalue the importance of tempo and overlook, usually because of the excitement at the times that tempo becomes critical, the advantage of releasing from their dungeons the prisoners they have taken. Many games have been lost in the Dukes’ rank right at the point of victory when tempo gained by the release of a prisoner delayed a chief’s progress sufficiently to allow a pursuer to strike.

We have always recommended one rule that is not in the book ~ If on the throw of the dice a die lands on the board itself, the throw is void and the dice must be thrown again. Rigid adherence to this rule when playing with children will avoid a lot of grief. Also, if on the throw of the dice any die is cocked, both dice, or all three if the witch is in use, must be thrown again.

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