Regency SE
This Special Edition of Regency, Regency SE, exploits the Internet to allow the game to be played by everyone at minimum cost, the price being only £10.00 instead of the £40.00 the next production of the boxed set will have as its price. (The 1992 price was £30.00.)
For the Special Edition the board may be downloaded in any one of three forms ~

1) As a single JPEG file that may be taken to a commercial printer for output on glossy paper or plastic that may then be glued to cardboard, plywood or plastic sheet.

2) As six JPEG files that may be printed from any inkjet to produce six overlapping sheets in A4 size. These may then be trimmed and glued to a suitable sheet.

3) As six JPEG files that may be printed from any inkjet to produce six overlapping sheets in American letter size. These may then be trimmed and glued to a suitable sheet.

After having glued the printout to a cardboard, plywood or plastic sheet, players may find it worth taking the precaution of covering the playing surface with a clear plastic sheet such as Fablon.

The intention is that the construction of the board should be a family affair, the parents joining the children in the fun of building it. The emphasis on children throughout the game’s documentation is not owed to Regency being a children’s game, for it is not ~ it is an adults’ game that children play very well indeed, often demonstrating an intuitive understanding of tactics and statistical probabilities beyond that of their seniors.

The files for the board may be downloaded before the game is bought, and familiarity with the content of the webpages linked to this one will allow a good feel for what the game promises as a challenge and an entertainment. When the decision to order is made, the PayPal pages can be accessed by clicking on the centre of the “Buy Now” button.

Readers unfamiliar with PayPal should be aware that although a PayPal account is useful for this type of purchase, the PayPal system will accept credit cards from those who do not wish to have an account.

After the payment has been made, a page will appear from which a PDF file containing the Rules can be downloaded. (Files such as this may be read by various applications, but we recommend Adobe Acrobat Reader which is available at no cost from the Adobe website.)

Regency requires two white dice and one black die, and 24 playing pieces. These are shipped to the purchaser at the address supplied for the “shipping address” on the PayPal order form. If no shipping address is given we shall do our best to inform the purchaser by e-mail of what has been forgotten, but this may take time and it is more convenient for us if the correct address is supplied.

Purchasers are urged not to take Regency lightly. It is not Ludo; it is not even Uckers ~ really good Backgammon players find it a challenge, as do also Bridge players when the partners agree not to discuss tactics during the play, and Chess players find it utterly addictive. It may be played without dice when disciplined by a special set of rules, but the complexity and mental stress of this version have required restrictions on the availability of the dice-less rules, so that players must now demonstrate having played a hundred games with dice before being granted access to the Mindbender version.

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This Special Edition is priced at £10.00.

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Regency ~ the Special Edition
Regency ~ a Brief Introduction
Regency and its View of History
Regency and its Structure
Regency and Symbolism
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