Either by well-deserved good
fortune, or by superhuman
skills, or with the directions
of loyal and generous friends,
you have arrived at the home
page of the
Regency game.


It’s a boardgame ~ but not just any old boardgame.

This is Regency ~ a battle of simple rules and complex challenges, that can be fought by all ages from 7 to 77.

It’s a bit like Chess ~ because you have to think about space.

And a bit like Backgammon ~ because adults have to watch the odds very carefully.

And if you play with a partner, then it’s a bit like Bridge ~ and you have to think seriously of what your allies might do.

You don’t have to play with a partner. You can face your enemies alone.

On the other hand, you can play in a team, and then you’re never alone ~ well, not until you face sudden death, and you have to throw the dice, and everyone is watching.

This website introduces a great family game to a wider public and acts as the focal point for discussion on tactics and on all aspects of strategy.

It will also in the future act as the central organisation for the arrangement of team matches.

Now, dare you answer the question ~

Are you clever enough to win against your children ?

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Regency ~ the Special Edition
Regency ~ a Brief Introduction
Regency and its View of History
Regency and its Structure
Regency and Symbolism
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