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Vol. 5, No. 2, May-August 2003


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* A Welcome
* A BBC Feature
* A Property Portfolio
* The Barony of Mitford
* The “Barony of Jamnia”
* On a Lighter Note
* Royal Expenditure
* The Pushkin Genealogy
* A Constitutional History of the United Kingdom
* Religious “Titles”
* Bookpost
* Estoile’s Scrapbook
* A Note to Correspondents
* Communications


The purpose of this newsletter is to link regular BARONAGE readers to those articles in the magazine that might interest them, so in it you should find mention of the art, symbolism and meaning of heraldry, and, from time to time, of the history, politics, warfare, chivalry, nobility, books, cinema and other entertainment to which heraldry has thematic links.

Pressure of events has continued to squeeze our publishing programme and we are well behind schedule. We apologise for this. We hope to return to normal operations soon.

We have been asked to publish the following announcement -
Have you ever been sold a “noble” title? I work as a researcher for BBC television, and I should like to hear your story. I am collecting background information for a television feature about fake titles. Anything you tell me would be used for research purposes only and would be treated with confidence. Please e-mail me - lucy.smickersgill@bbc.co.uk
The BBC would be interested also in hearing the views of -

Antonio Adolfo Boada Cartaya of BFI
Gary Martin Beaver of The Most Noble Order of the Sword
Graham Fothergill of Manor Titles
Paul Dunkley of Noble Titles
Ger von Staetten of GVS Consult Inc.
Stephen J. Scott of Regal Titles
Douglas Henderson of Peerage Conferred
Robert Farmer of English Feudal Titles
Sarah Helen Leeder of Elite Titles
Jason Earl Lee of the “Barony of Jamnia”
plus the proprietors of -
Sovereign Classics
Prestige Titles
The PT Club
Vista International Success Agency

As our FAQs state explicitly, The Baronage Press does not buy or sell titles, not even legitimate ones. However, in response to several requests, we have decided to publish a Property Portfolio in which we shall feature a selection of genuine British manorial titles and Scottish baronies. We have begun with the Manor of Stanbury in England, whose owner has now firmly decided to sell, and the Barony of MacDonald on the Isle of Skye in Scotland. We have agreed to feature a selection of others during the coming months, and we start with the Lordship of Leslie and Earldom of Rothes. (Lordships and earldoms are baronies of a higher degree.)


We have recently received several enquiries about “The Right Honourable, the Lord Mitford” and his impressive website at http://www.lordmitford.com. This is another of those cases where a mixture of the true and the nearly true with critical factors that are wholly untrue leads to a totally wrong conclusion. What is true here is that the feudal barony of Mitford did exist in the high middle ages. What is untrue is that it still exists today. Scholars apply three tests to determine the validity of baronies ~ (1) does the holder receive a writ of summons to Parliament? (2) are the lands held by knight service? (3) is baronial relief paid? Any one of these criteria holds the barony to be valid, but none of those criteria is fulfilled by Mitford today.

Colonel John Mitford and his son Colonel Edward Mitford, recent owners of Mitford before the manorial title of Mitford was acquired by the website owner, Mark Mitford, described themselves accurately as Lords of the Manor of Mitford, not as Barons. They did not style themselves “Right Honourable”. They did not call themselves “Lord Mitford”.
On his website Mark Mitford writes -

It has been accepted practice for almost 1000 years for the holder of a Barony to be formally addressed as “Your Lordship” verbally or “The Right Honourable, the Lord Mitford” in writing. Informally the Barony confers the title “Lord Mitford” for everyday use . . . . . . .

Here we have the confusion between a feudal barony and a peerage barony. The style of “The Right Honourable, the Lord X” which is reserved for peers did not exist until long after the eleventh century and was never applied to feudal barons. Mitford was never a peerage barony and it is not now even a feudal barony. As it is not a peerage barony, there is no “Lord Mitford”. Mark Mitford is at most a manorial lord, which does not qualify him to be addressed as “Lord Mitford”, or to use the style of Right Honourable.


In our last issue we wrote that the website of the bogus “Barony of Jamnia” was worth a visit. We have since received the following letter which, as its author requests, is published here in its entirety. It has not been edited. The syntax, spelling, punctuation and grammar are entirely its author’s own.

6 May 2003


Dear Baronage Press:

I hope these greetings find you well. After reviewing you pages, I am a fan. I recently noticed your update. However I was not informed that my Chancellery was contacted by you for questioning. You for some reason published uneducated information without even contacting myself of my Chancellery. I would like to note, that we have proof that Mr. Cartaya is not the Prince of Galilee, and that also I have been informed that you have none that he is. Also, we were questioned this winter by the BFI investigators, both a lawyer and their most well known victim. Both, though not being in recent contact, were considered colleagues and indirectly, meaning not stated but our conversations imply that they agreed to our legitimacy, they cleared our name and in fact the reason we have proceeded is on that fact. Also, I would like to note that some of the members of our court hold noble, both feudal and peerage, titles from around the world. Some of these nobles are located in reference and peerage publications. I would like you to think about changing your recent publication, or at least educate yourself. This e-mail is confidential, and if printed on your website, will only be acceptable in its entirety. I await your reply. Thank you and God Bless!

Yours Faithfully,

Baron Jason of Jamnia
We have now received a second letter which assures us that the “Barony of Jamnia” no longer sells titles, by which we assume is meant its “court titles”. However, we do note that a “manor title” is being offered. Caveat emptor!

We note that funds are requested for the foundation of an office in Israel from which the “Baron” will be able to assist with the “Mid-East Peace Process”.


The daily newsletter published by Ancestry.com, genealogy’s leading online resource, includes every day a clipping from an ancient newspaper. As not all our readers are interested in genealogy as well as heraldry, many may have missed the following taken from the Stevens Point Gazette of July 9th,1887 ~

MISS MARY CHILDERS, a Georgia school-marm, rode across Lookout Mountain, a distance of fifteen miles, and at the muzzle of a shotgun forced John Majors to apologize for circulating slanderous remarks about her. She then accepted his challenge to fight a duel and was on the ground at the appointed time, but John came not.

The man who will say Miss Mary isn’t pretty doesn’t live in that part of the country.


The annual outburst against the cost of the British monarchy has come around again, republicans spitting venom at the news that the Queen takes less than a dollar per head of population, about £36 million (much less than a president would cost).

We have to thank The Daily Telegraph for reminding us of the many savings that have been made over the last two hundred years. When George IV was King, court expenses included the Knight Harbinger £195; the Keeper of the Lions at the Tower £400; a Latin Secretary £280; the Keeper of the Tennis Court £132; the Clerk of the Check £120; the Clerk of the Hanaper £2,000; the Standard bearer to Gentlemen Pensioners £310; and the Archbishop of York for charities and Arabic professors £900!!!


The news that Timothy J. Binyon, an Oxford don perhaps more famous for his crime fiction than for his teaching of Russian literature, had won the world’s richest non-fiction prize for his biography of Pushkin, prompted memories of the great poet’s ancestry and descendants.

A maternal great-grandfather of Alexander Sergeevich Pushkin was a negro, later granted the name of Ibrahim Petrovitch Gannibal, who had been given as a page to Tsar Peter the Great. When, at the age of eight, he was baptised, the Tsar himself was his godfather, the Queen of Poland his godmother, and, after a military education in France, he became a general in the Russian army.
Pushkin was immensely proud of his ancestry, boasting of its 700-years length, and he supported the family tradition that his black forebear was a prince of Ethiopia, a claim that on balance seems to be accepted today. As such he was of the House of Menelik, son of King Solomon and the Queen of Sheba.
Pushkin’s daughter, Natalia Alexandrovna, married Prince Nicholas of Nassau and, because the marriage was judged morganatic, she received instead of the title of Princess the title of Countess von Merenberg. Their daughter, Sofia Nikolaevna, married the Romanov Grand Duke Mihail Mihailovich, and as this too was judged morganatic she became, instead of a duchess, Countess de Torby.
The children of the Grand Duke and the Countess de Torby included Nadja, baptised Nadezhda Mihailovna, who married a great-grandson of Queen Victoria, George, 2nd Marquess of Milford Haven, and thus allegedly brought into the bloodline of a branch of Britain’s Royal Family that of King Solomon. George’s younger brother Louis became the 1st Earl Mountbatten of Burma, and his sister became Princess Andrew of Greece, mother of Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh. The line of Pushkin continues through the present George Mountbatten, 4th Marquess of Milford Haven.

Just as a Prime Minister who does not understand history begins to deconstruct the British constitution in alliance with a mix of Brussels bureaucrats who do not understand geography, Ann Lyon’s Constitutional History of the United Kingdom is published as a briefing on what over the last 1,400 years has made the British constitution so envied by other nations. The timing is perfect ~ before the irrevocable decision to submerge the United Kingdom in the European Union is finalised, the British people can read in a single volume the story of their development as an independent nation.
Although there is an emphasis in the book on constitutional matters, the author has produced a very useful one-volume British history which holds the reader’s interest throughout. Thus on the subject of treason she raises the risks James Hewitt braved in his relationship with the late Princess of Wales (a penalty that may surprise many readers), and on the subject of titles she gives prices James I charged for baronetcies and earldoms. The book is available from Amazon in the UK, and is strongly recommended in William Forbes’s review (a PDF file).


In countries that allow religious freedom anyone can found a new church, and this is providing a quick entrance into the bogus titles market. We could begin here. How about this ~ The Apostolic Orthodox Autocephelous Church of the Holy Arms? We adopt the arms of Jerusalem as ours, claiming this privilege in memory of our founder, Godfrey de Bouillon. All that is then necessary is for the Editor to accept the position of Grand Patriarch and we can start granting nobility to our readers.

Naturally, we would not charge money for the titles granted to our readers, but they would of course pay passage fees and quartering fees and stabling fees and harness fees and would be expected to contribute to the charitable work of the Church and its Patriarch. Promotion fees would only be paid as the barons become viscounts, counts, marquises, dukes, and eventually, WOW, princes!.
You don’t believe this, do you? Well, pay strict attention to the words of His Holiness Mathias Mar Yusef, Patriarch of the Apostolic Orthodox Church. He argues that as the Pope as Head of the Catholic Church grants titles of nobility, so he, as Head of his Church, may do the same. For full details visit ~


and for details of some of the victims go to ~



We enthusiastically reviewed the Crowner John books of Bernard Knight last year, and Ann Lyon now welcomes the arrival of his latest, Fear in the Forest (in a PDF file).

Additionally she looks at a new book of politically incorrect essays by Francis Bennion, The Blight of Blairism. This is not yet available from Amazon, but keen followers of British politics will find it worth their while to track it down through their local bookseller.

heraldry - Estoile on shield
heraldry - Estoile on shield
A page from Estoile’s Scrapbook

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Estoile is on vacation. He left this on his desk.


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