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This miniature index lists some topics of current interest and a selection
of earlier articles that may have a continuing utility for newer readers.
It is not a comprehensive index of everything Baronage has published.

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Mists of Antiquity
J & A Guide
Subject Index

Anthology: . .Mists of Antiquity

Ancestor Hunting ~ Russell and Rozel, Spencer and Despencer
Ancestor Worship ~ Maitland of Lethington, Seton
Ancient Measures ~ inches, furlongs, acres, pints and gallons
Bertie Legend ~ A Saxon warrior or a master mason?
Clan Hay ~ three escutcheons and legends of the yoke and the falcon
de Vere Star ~ the Earls of Oxford and the fate of Warwick
Debrett's and Burke's ~ de Courcy and the Kingsale hat
Fantasie ~ Ames, FitzWilliam, Hastings, Holt, Povey
Feminism as it used to be ~ Spencer and Compton
Introduction ~ "bucketshop heraldry" and sham genealogists
Legend of Birse ~ a ballad from the Scottish Highlands
Misty Origins of the Barclays ~ castle builders and Quakers
Origin of the Fleur-de-Lis ~ the mysterious lily that is now an iris
Parodies ~ Hall of Names and "Distinguished Histories"
Privilege and Precedence ~ Lyttelton, Chancellor of the Exchequer
Seers and Witchcraft ~ Mackenzies of Seaforth


Books: . .BookPost ~

A House in Great Disorder: Sex, Law and the 2nd Earl of Castlehaven
Sara Donati ~ Author of Into the Wilderness
Diana Gabaldon ~ Author of the Outlander series
Diana Gabaldon ~ An Outlandish Companion (or Through the Stones)
The Writer's Guide to Everyday Life in the Middle Ages
Robert the Bruce ~ Caroline Bingham's last book
Royal Flush ~ William Dennenberg's controversial e-novel
The Spencer Family ~ Earl Spencer seeks to perpetuate a myth
William Dennenberg ~ An Interview on the future of e-novels
The New Burke's Peerage & Baronetage ~ A review

Castles and Houses ~

Langar Hall ~ An authentic country house now an hotel

Cinema ~

Lessons from the Top Twenty ~ John Hill's Review of 1996
Obscenity on the Screen ~ Dennenberg's view of current standards
Helena Bonham Carter ~ arms and ancestry
Screenplay or Novel ~ John Hill looks at the road into Hollywood
Sir William Wallace ~ Six linked articles on the "Braveheart" travesty

Constitution ~

Affection and Judgement ~ The House of Lords
Australian Flag (and Republican Bombast)
British Monarchy within a Federal Europe
Destroying Education and the House of Lords
Government Plans for the House of Lords
Lady Jay on the Merit of Life Peers
Mrs Beckett on the Rights of Scottish Peers
One of Blair's Republicans Quits his Cabinet
Open letter to the British Prime Minister
Robert Burns on the United Kingdom
Salmond and the Scottish National Party
Salmond and his views on Kosovo
The Union Flag and the RUC

Essays ~

Calendars and Spelling
Errors in Burke's
Feudal Titles
Meaning of Peerage
Origins of Peerage

European Union ~

A Common European Defence
On Tiptoe Towards a United Europe
Troubled Times Follow Maastricht Treaties

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