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Some Articles Prepared During Our Dormant Period
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20th Century Chivalry ~ R.A.F. Fighter Command [ PDF ]
2005 Christmas Quiz ~ ANSWERS ADDED [ PDF ]
Review of Burke’s Peerage 107th Edition [ PDF ]
“Angus” MacHine writes again ~ proposing Scotland’s Saltire be replaced by a rainbow
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Manorial Lordships and Statutory Declarations ~ a cautionary note for “title” buyers [ PDF ]
The Barons of the Bachuil ~ the origins of an allodial barony [ PDF ]
The ancestry of the Winter Queen ~ the White Witch of the Chronicles of Narnia [ PDF ]
The Baronage Armorial Register ~ AN UPDATE
Arms at The European Fine Arts Fair in Maastricht [ to be uploaded in March ]
Origins of the Double Tressure Flory Counterflory [ to be uploaded in March ]
Heraldry of the Constables of Aberdeen [ to be uploaded in March ]

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