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At the request of the Sponsors the 2006 Midsummer Quiz is postponed and will appear ~ with generous prizes ~ on 1st November as the 2006 Christmas Quiz!!!
Drummond’s Noble British Families ~ to be uploaded in early July
The Islamic threat to England [ PDF ]
The elephant in the room ~ 1
The elephant in the room ~ 2
Some interesting chiefs ~ Estoile’s notes [ PDF ]
The Burke’s armorial printing blocks ~ now for sale
George Jamesone, great Scottish artist
Finding ancestral portraits ~ a new Baronage service [ PDF ]
Browse pages from the past decade
Marital Alliance Bureau ~ another of the controversial application forms
March-April 2006

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The Slains Roll [ an appreciation held over until August ]
Jan-Feb 2006

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Heraldry of the Constables of Aberdeen [ held over until August ]

In preparation for July-August:

Virtual Barons

Golden Fleece Armorial

Blaue’s Heraldry

Annulets and Gemrings

Abatements and Disgrace

Social Mobility ~
Findern and de Vere

Constables of Aberdeen

Baronial additaments ~ where now?

Advice for the 2006 Christmas Quiz


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