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The 2006 Christmas Quiz ~ Closing Date 31st December [ PDF ]
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The Aberdonian Anderson and Gregory families ~ scholarship genes [ PDF ]
Finding ancestral portraits ~ registration procedure updated
May-June 2006

contents page

The Buthlaw Armorial ~ [ PDF ] ~ The Second Volume will be uploaded soon
March-April 2006

contents page

Regency SE ~ Scottish mediaeval warfare as heraldic boardgame
Symbolism ~ “What’s it all mean, then?”
Jan-Feb 2006

contents page

Colonel Za-Za’s supporters ~ Gryphon and Kelpie for his new British title

In preparation for upload in February

Blaue’s Heraldry

Annulets and Gemrings

Abatements and Disgrace

Social Mobility ~
Findern and de Vere

The Regency boardgame and future contests

The Salon ~ for ancestor hunters, Scotch cousins, conversationalists and romantics
The Burke’s armorial printing blocks ~ now for sale ~ Do we have your family’s?
Are You Being Conned? ~ the second edition of our guide to bogus titles
The Chocolate Oliver,
aristocrat of biscuits,
absent from our lives
for five long years,
is back in production.
It is now available
from Waitrose, and
online directly from
Huntley & Palmers
Notes on French Titles ~ the third edition of our notes on this controversial topic
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Identification sought for Jacobean armorial chairs in Canada
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