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Alexander Fraser of Cornton is claimed as the ancestor of Andrew Fraser of Muchall, created Lord Fraser 29 June 1633, which title became dormant on the death of Charles, 4th Lord Fraser, 12 Oct 1716. Although Alexander is traditionally listed as the second son of his father John and as the younger brother of Richard Fraser of Touchfraser, the insistence of King Charles II, supported by Act of Parliament 24 June 1662, that the 3rd Lord Fraser should not use a territorial designation - as did, for example, Fraser of Lovat - together with his authorised use of the undifferenced arms proclaiming the Chiefship of the Fraser Clan (as shown above), suggest that a good case for his seniority had been made and had received royal approval.

Alexander Fraser of Cornton, Knight, is probably the knight of that name taken prisoner at the Battle of Methven in 1306, in which case he would have been executed. A successor, Thomas Fraser of Cornton, died before 1392, and a widow of either Thomas or another successor, after marrying James Skene of that Ilk, received from King James I, through her new husband, her terce for Cornton. The grandson of this Thomas, and perhaps the widow's son, was:

Thomas Fraser of Cornton, who resigned Cornton to King James II and received in exchange the lands of Stoneywood, near Aberdeen, and Muchall united into the barony of Stoneywood. He was still alive in 1474 and left issue:
..A1 Alexander, his heir

Alexander Fraser of Stoneywood, Knight, m probably as his 2nd wife, Muriel Sutherland, widow of Alexander Seton of Meldrum, and d on or about 1 June 1505 leaving issue:
..A1 Thomas, his successor [see below]
..A2 Alexander Fraser

His successor,
Thomas Fraser of Stoneywood, styled during his father's lifetime Thomas Fraser of Kinmundie, m 1st ante 1494 a lady surnamed Stewart by whom he had issue:
..A1 Andrew, his successor [see below]
..A2 Mr John Fraser
He m 2nd Giles, dtr of Robert Arbuthnott of Arbuthnott, widow of Henry Graham of Morphie and of Andrew Strachan of Tibbertie, and d ca 1535 having by her had issue:
..A3 Gilbert Fraser of Greencastle, who was still alive in 1536.

His successor,
Andrew Fraser of Kinmundie, held Stoneywood and Muchall of his son to whom the barony had been gifted by his father Thomas, m 1st ante 21 July 1519 Margaret dtr of John Forbes, 6th Lord Forbes, and m 2nd Marjory Hay. He d August 1549 leaving issue:
..A1 Andrew, his heir [see below]
..A2 William Fraser
..A3 Alexander Fraser
..a1. Elizabeth Fraser

His heir,
Andrew Fraser of Stoneywood, m Margaret (d August 1603), dtr of Alexander Irvine of Drum and d ante 3 July 1563 having had issue:
..A1 John Fraser, yr of Stoneywood, dvp
..A2 Michael, his successor [see below]
..A3 Gilbert Fraser of Waterton, d June 1622 having had issue:
....B1 John Fraser of Waterton who had issue:
......C1 Francis Fraser
......C2 Andrew Fraser of Kinmundie, Sheriff-depute of Aberdeen 1687-1707
......C3 Alexander Fraser
..a1. Christian Fraser m Patrick Gordon, yr of Haddo.

His successor,
Michael Fraser of Stoneywood, b ca 1544 m Isabel (or Elizabeth, who m 2nd Walter Wood of Balbegno) dtr of Duncan Forbes of Monymusk and d ante 18 January 1588/9 having had issue:
..A1 Andrew, his heir [see below]
..A2 Thomas Fraser of Savoch m Catherine Hill and had issue:
....B1 Michael Fraser
..A3 John Fraser of Wester Clintertie, alive in 1640
..A4 William Fraser, d Aberdeen 10 November 1588
..a1 Christina Fraser m 1st (contract 21 October 1584) Alexander Seton, yr of Meldrum, and had a dtr who was ancestress of the Urquharts of Meldrum, and m 2nd Alexander Forbes of Fingask
..a2 Catherine Fraser m Thomas Cheyne of Ranieston, afterwards of Pitfichie
..a3 Isobel Fraser

His successor,
Andrew Fraser of Muchall, created Lord Fraser with remainder to his heirs-male bearing the name and arms 29 June 1633, m 1st Elizabeth, youngest dtr of Robert Douglas, Earl of Buchan (in right of his wife, Christian), and m 2nd Anne dtr of Patrick Drummond, 3rd Lord Drummond, and widow of Patrick Barclay, fiar of Towie (who survived him, being still alive in 1640). He d 10 December 1636 having had issue by his 1st wife:
..A1 Andrew, his heir [see below]
..A2 Francis Fraser of Kinmundie m Marjory, youngest dtr of James Elphinstone, 1st Lord Balmerinoch, and d ante 1676 leaving issue:
....b1. Elizabeth Fraser of Cowburtie who d unm 1705 aged 69.
..A3 William Fraser of Faichfield m Jean dtr of Patrick Barclay, fiar of Towie, and had issue:
....B1 William Fraser of Invernorth m Christian Garioch and had issue:
......C1 William Fraser, baptised 29 March 1665
......c1. Elizabeth Fraser, baptised 20 September 1666
..A4 Thomas Fraser, d November 1617
..A5 James Fraser, d November 1621

His successor,
Andrew Fraser, 2nd Lord Fraser, m 1st 1618 Margaret dtr of James Elphinstone, 1st Lord Balmerinoch by his 2nd wife, and had issue:
..A1 Andrew Fraser, Master of Fraser, d as a child following the sacking of Castle Fraser by the Keiths of Ludquhairn
..A2 William Fraser, Master of Fraser, dvp ante 5 June 1651
..a1. Elizabeth Fraser m Walter Barclay of Towie. (She and her cousin Elizabeth Fraser of Cowburtie are described as heirs of line of James Elphinstone, Lord Coupar, on 12 March 1676)
Lord Fraser m 2nd Anne (d ca June 1640) dtr of James Haldane of Gleneagles and had further issue:
..A3 James Fraser, who witnessed a deed in 1648, (but may have been dead by 5 June 1651 when Lord Fraser settled his estates upon his next son, Andrew, whom failing, on Thomas, his son by his new wife Elizabeth).
..A4 Andrew, his successor [see below]
Lord Fraser m 3rd (contract 21 August 1644) Elizabeth, eldest dtr of James Crichton of Frendraught and sister of James Crichton, 1st Viscount of Frendraught, and d between July 1656 and July 1658 leaving further issue:
..A5 Thomas Fraser of Cairnbulg, b probably 1649, m 1st (contract 23 June 1680) Margaret, elder dtr of Robert Forbes of Ludquhairn, Tutor of Craigievar, and m 2nd Margaret Seton, sister of James Seton of Meanie, and had by his 1st wife issue:
....b1. Margaret Fraser m (contract 2 December 1699) Sir James Innes of Orton, Bt.
....b2. Jean Fraser
....b3. Sophia Fraser
..A6 James Fraser, d young, probably before 26 June 1676
..a2. Margaret Fraser m (contract 5 June 1679) Thomas Gordon of Newark, MD
..a3. Elizabeth Fraser

The successor,
Andrew Fraser, 3rd Lord Fraser, had an Act of Parliament of 24 June 1662 declare he should "have and enjoye the tytle of Lord Fraser" and that of "all His Majesty's subjects that none of them presume in discourses, writings, or other ways to give him any other title or designation, as they will be answerable at their heist perrell". (It is generally believed this Act was the consequence of the umbrage taken by the Frasers of Lovat and the Frasers of Philorth that they had to bear a territorial designation whereas he did not, but of greater import is the armorial factor.) He m 1st 17 October 1658 Katherine (d 18 October 1663), dtr of Hugh Fraser, 7th Lord Fraser of Lovat, widow of Sir John Sinclair of Dunbeath and of Robert Arbuthnott, 1st Viscount Arbuthnott, and had issue:
..A1 Charles, his heir [see below]
Lord Fraser m 2nd Jean (d September 1668) dtr of George Mackenzie, 2nd Earl of Seaforth, and d 22 May 1674 having had issue an illegitimate daughter, Marjory Fraser

His successor,
Charles Fraser, 4th Lord Fraser, b ante September 1662, was fined £200 sterling for drinking the health of King James VII (the "King over the water"), supported the Rising of 1715, but escaped attainder by remaining in hiding. He m September 1683 Margaret (named as Marjory in the marriage contract) dtr of James Erskine, 7th Earl of Buchan, widow of Simon Fraser, 2nd of Inverallochy. (As the estates had run into severe financial difficulties during the time of the 3rd Lord, when the 4th Lord failed to restore the family's fortunes much of the land had to be sold. Muchall itself, henceforward to be known as Castle Fraser, was settled on Charles Fraser, 6th of Inverallochy, the grandson of Lady Fraser by her 1st husband.)



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