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Blood Royal by Charles Mosley

There has been a tendency for genealogical books to divide themselves into two categories ~ the first of which comprises earnestly compiled volumes of massive data that are invaluable as reference sources but impossible to read as books, and the second of which includes many with fascinating historical narratives but inadequate and sometimes unreliable data. Charles Mosley in Blood Royal has bridged these two groups with a chatty, gossipy account of the descent of the English Crown supported by extensive genealogical tables which themselves can be browsed for the pleasure of discovering unknown anecdotes and unsuspected relationships.
Ann Lyon’s review of Blood Royal (as a PDF file) is attached.

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Blood Royal, an ideal Christmas gift for any royalty watcher, genealogist or histo-rian, may be bought from Amazon in the United Kingdom through this link. As it is not yet available from Amazon in the USA, all other readers should use this link too.

Ann Lyon’s review of Blood Royal
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