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A scam merchant tricks himself.

A reader has contributed an amusing story concerning Barnwell Manor, the famous and beautiful house in Northamptonshire which at the time of this incident was the home of HRH Prince Richard, Duke of Gloucester.
Barnwell Manor
King Charles I was a guest here, as was Sir Philip Sydney and John Dryden. The Royal Family down the ages, and great names from the Peerage, have been frequent visitors, and ruins of an impressive castle are in the grounds. It just had to be, one would think, a great base for a “noble titles” scam.
However, the man who chose it lived only six miles away and seems to have been unaware of its existence, choosing the Barnwell name only on the basis of his house being in Barnwell Close in the little town of Thrapston. For that reason his address for the purpose of selling titles became Barnwell Manor, Barnwell Close, Thrapston.
The story came to light when he sent out emails to all his existing and potential customers asking them not to send their money or enquiries to Barnwell Manor as he had moved his offices from the Manor and it would now be easier for the postal service for him to use a postbox.
The bogus Barnwell Manor
Our correspondent did not state if this operation still has its head quarters in Thrapston, but he did explain that it was probably the first to franchise the sale of “styled titled name and legend” copyrighted at the Patent Office and supported by “genuine and artificially aged documents” that successfully confused copyhold with copyright.
It is probably safe to assume that those who bought the franchises and sold the bogus titles created by “the Baron” (as apparently he was called) were well briefed on where the money should be sent, but one does wonder what Prince Michael’s secretary thought of the donations landing in her in-tray.
Barnwell Manor and Prince Michael's arms
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