The Feudal Herald in its original appearance was a newsletter sent out by e-mail eventually to around 2,000 readers. When we first encountered problems with ISPs attempting to protect their customers from spam we continued to e-mail those who could still receive our transmissions, and we uploaded the newsletter to the website for those who could not. Later, when the ISPs’ filters began to make the operation impossible, we chose to suspend the newsletter until we could restart it as a blog.
Initially we believed a blog would be best published from the Baronage website, but this could reach only the 35,000 to 40,000 unique visitors who looked at our pages each month, and we really wanted to expand the readership figures substantially. The Encyclopaedia Britannica then suggested we might use the Britannica Blog to reach the wider readership we seek, and the first articles have appeared there. Although these have discussed the situation in Iraq, new articles will be more heraldic.
To access the Britannica Blog ~

1. Go to

Thereafter to receive the Britannica Blog automatically ~

1. Click on the RSS button for all Britannica Blog posts,

or, to receive The Feudal Herald articles only ~

2. Click on the RSS button for W.F. Hogarth posts.

Some Apple Macintosh users may temporarily encounter problems when accessing the Britannica Blog with Internet Explorer, but they will not experience these when using Safari.

When you use an Internet search engine you can find authoritative material and you can find unreliable material, but can you always tell the difference? Encyclopaedia Britannica material is written and edited only by recognised experts in their respective fields. When you cannot afford a mistake, use Britannica Online.

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