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Finding Ancestral Portraits
Portrait engraving of George Jamesone, he Scottish Vandyke
The search program for the portrait engravings of our readers’ ancestors has been activated before the fully computerised system is operational. For the present readers are asked to use the “Registration” page and to include notification of any interests they have in armorial porcelain and armorial silver.
Enquirers are asked to ensure that their e-mail address is entered with no errors, for at present the system uses the address entered and not the address from which the letter is sent.
In the “text” window of the form, enquirers should enter details in these categories and precede the details with the capital letters used here ~

A - Named direct ancestors of whom mementoes are sought

B - Named collateral ancestors of whom mementoes are sought

C - Surnames or titles of sitters whose portrait engravings are sought

D - Specific sitters whose portrait engravings are sought

E - Any groups (e.g. famous scientists or artists) in which there is an interest

F - Any other interests (e.g. armorial printing blocks from Burke’s Peerage)

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The portrait engraving illustrated above is from a self-portrait by George Jamesone, the great Aberdeen-born artist who studied in Antwerp under Rubens and became known as “the Scottish Vandyke”. There will be an article about Jamesone’s family connections and descendants in a future issue of the Baronage magazine.
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