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When hearts hope to beat as one
The plans for an introduction service have proceeded to the point where the initial trials of the computer systems may be judged successful. Of course, it has always been the intention that not only should the organisation cater for romantic urges, which aim is the one that earned the first publicity, but that also it should link ancestor hunters settled in the old empire and the new world to their distant (and often very distant) cousins in the British Isles who, through the service, may offer guidance around the countryside from which their ancestors emigrated. This, too, will be romantic in its way, forming many friendships.
Those readers who examined the draft application form uploaded with our previous edition may be surprised to learn that one of the ladies’ draft forms was actually completed and returned together with a photograph of the aspirant member. Those who have a curious turn of mind might wish to see it, but the Editor insists our readers be warned that it is not for those of a sensitive disposition.

The correct and genuine application form will be uploaded at the beginning of July.

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Lonely lady
This nubile young lady, sitting lonely by a stream in the middle of her father’s 35,000 Scottish acres, hopes to be introduced to an enthusiast for heraldry and country pursuits who will develop a passionate interest in her arms.

She is not the applicant who completed the form described above.

Are there no men of heraldic persuasion tempted to make her acquaintance?

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