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When hearts hope to beat as one
Throughout the last ten years readers have pleaded for us to run a blue-blood introductions agency that would guarantee all its members would meet others with similar backgrounds and interests. Among these has been an old friend of the Editor’s, Colonel Baron Xavier-Xavier “Za-Za” Forbes Houdemont de Sapinberg, a gallant hero who lost a leg in 1944 to a panzerfaust yet is still active and currently squiring around Paris a beautiful and athletic blonde (who, he claims, was a Wimbledon semi-finalist in 1937). He has designed a suitable application form which we believe potential candidates might wish to see.
This form may well be modified a little before it is granted editorial approval, but for the present it will act as a guide to what is expected of our candidate members. Although the Editor’s agreement is, we must admit, owed in part to his concern about the declining birthrate in Western Europe (Christendom, as he normally terms it), there will be no insistence on procreation as a condition of membership. The principal purpose of the Marital Alliance Bureau is to bring together like-minded people seeking stable relationships, and thereby to spread a little happiness around what the Editor deplores as “this depressing new millennium”.

We plan to begin accepting membership applications in May from those who pass the selection board (of which Miss Eleanor Murray and the gallant Colonel are the current ex officio members).

Another thoughtful lady
Lonely lady
More details will be published in April.
This nubile young lady, sitting alone by a stream in the middle of her father’s 35,000 Scottish acres, hopes to be introduced to an enthusiast for heraldry and country pursuits who will develop a passionate interest in her arms.

A mouse click on the third finger of her left hand, hidden behind her golden tresses, will allow the draft application form to be downloaded as a PDF file.

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