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Vol. VIII, No. 1
January-April 2003

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Contents ~ The Magazine

Feudal Baronies and Manorial Lordships ~ includes a look at new legislation (PDF file)
The Barony of MacDonald ~ for sale for one million pounds
The Manor of Stanbury ~ with memories of mediaeval warfare and, much later, of the Brontë sisters
New Arms for MacTavish ~ the buck moves to the 1st and 4th quarters
Chivalry in the 20th century ~ The British Regiments (PDF file)
The Bloodline of the Royal House ~ 16 genealogical tables
BookPost ~ Stuart descendants of Bonnie Prince Charlie (PDF file)
Classical Heraldry ~ More arms from the 13th and 14th centuries
Curiosity Corner ~ another fabulous beast
Heraldic Cadency (or differencing) ~ another chapter in the JAG series
Help Stop the Trade in Bogus Titles ~ Send ARE YOU BEING CONNED? to your friends.
Frequently Asked Questions ~ more answers added from time to time
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