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Vol. VII, No. 5
September-December 2002

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Contents ~ The Magazine

Another Chiefless Clan ~ the arms of the Thomsons

The Next Issue

The first issue of 2003 will be published late. Here are links to three of the articles that appear in it and may be accessed now.

Feudal Baronies and Manorial Lordships
~ a review of new legislation. (PDF file)

The Barony of MacDonald ~ now for sale for around US$ 1,500,000

The Manor of Stanbury ~ a model for a manorial lordship in the 21st century.

NEW (on 11th April)

16 genealogical tables featuring the royal bloodline from King Egbert to Elizabeth II

Ancestral Gateways ~ finding early heraldry
Curiosity Corner 11 ~ the Phoenix
Bogus Titles ~ an update
The Cross of St Andrew ~ its early years
New Arms for Prince Harry ~ with escallops on the label
Through the Stones ~ the heraldry of Diana Gabaldon’s books
New Directions in Heraldry ~ David Appleton’s paper from the recent International Congress
Chivalry in the 20th century ~ Volunteers in The Great War
Help Stop the Trade in Bogus Titles ~ Send ARE YOU BEING CONNED? to your friends.
Classical Heraldry ~ More arms from the 13th and 14th centuries
Heraldic Cadency (or differencing) ~ another chapter in the JAG series
BookPost ~ Ann Lyon’s review of BLOOD ROYAL
Frequently Asked Questions ~ more answers added from time to time
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