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Are You Being Conned?

As regular readers know, Baronage has led the Internet resistance to the trade in bogus titles for six years, and, as those who read our reports know, our success has been limited. Because every week brings in more letters from victims lamenting that they did not find our website earlier, and because every week more titles are sold either directly or with the assistance of e-Bay, we know that our warnings are not being circulated as well as the situation requires.

Accordingly, we have produced an e-book which explains how the trade markets these bogus titles, and how to recognise when one is being used. It is a useful little book, and even for those readers who would never consider ever buying a title, whether bogus or genuine, it is a helpful briefing. There are a lot of fake lords around now, and it is reassuring to know that if one is met, his pretence can be exposed.

We should like ARE YOU BEING CONNED? to have the widest possible circulation, and this can be started if all our readers will forward it, or the hyperlink to this page, on to their address book lists. Do not restrict it only to those who, it is felt, might be potential victims. Everyone, whether potential victim or not, whether likely to meet a fake or not, has friends and colleagues who can play their part in relaying this briefing right across the Internet.

Every potential victim who reads this e-book is one more ex-potential victim whose money will not be stolen.

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