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The Daily Mail, an English national newspaper that has commented on bogus titles before (in respect of Gary Martin Beaver and his use of “Lord Newport”) has published an item naming the infamous “Baron Chafford” (alias “Marquis d’Alessio”, “Prince de Lusignan”, Antonio Adolfo Boada Cartaya, and various other names) of “British Feudal Investments”. Here it is ~
The House of Lords may no longer be packed with hereditary peers, but aristocratic titles are far from devalued.

Indeed, con men are marketing phoney dukedoms and baronies by the dozen, which they sell on the Internet for several thousands of pounds.

“These titles are fake and have no credence whatsoever. But they can fetch up to £50,000 each,” says the Earl of Bradford, whose own genuine title was conferred by the monarch to an ancestor some three centuries ago.

He has now set up his own website to fight the fakers ~ ~ after his son Viscount Newport, 22, was impersonated by a con man, as I revealed.

Bradford has named and shamed the fraudsters and is being threatened with legal action by a Florida-based businessman who sells titles and describes himself as Baron Chafford but is believed to be a Cuban called Anthony Boada.

“The British Embassy in Washington is so worried about Americans being misled into buying fake titles that it has posted a warning on its website,” says Bradford, 54.

“I have about 2,000 visits a week to my own site. The scams are endless. Selling English titles is illegal. You can legally buy lordships of the manor, but these are not aristocratic titles, only a semi-extinct form of landed property. One con is to sell a piece of land, say a square foot, re-name the plot Westminster, then sell a fake Duke of Westminster title to go with it.”

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Antonio Adolfo Boada Cartaya

a.k.a. Lord Chafford,
Marquis d’Alessio
Prince de Lusignan
Prince of Galilee
Ambassador Barrymore

For the full story on this crook see

Lord Bradford need not fear the threats of legal proceedings offered by Boada Cartaya and his London lawyer, Pitts-Tucker. Boada Cartaya is currently facing investigation by several government departments in his home state of Florida, and is very busy transferring his unlawful activities to the protection of an offshore haven, while Pitts-Tucker’s conduct supporting the BFI scams has been reported to the Law Society, the body responsible for the honesty and integrity of English lawyers, and this will leave him little time to contest the truth of Lord Bradford’s charges.

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