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French Titles
The effect, as yet unquantified, of the recent abolition of Feudal Tenure in Scotland on the armorial status of Scottish feudal baronies has noticeably increased the flow of readers’ queries on the quality of French feudal titles. These are still linked to the lands that were erected to give their owner noble rank, but their validity has been subject to much argument. The range of opinion to be found on the Internet is wide ~ some writers holding that all French feudal titles were abolished during the 1789 Revolution, while others fraudulently offer to sell to anyone with a few dollars French titles that are unquestionably bogus.

Readers of the Baronage booklet Are You Being Conned are already aware that 99 per cent of “noble titles” offered on the Internet are fictitious. A fair number of the “Lord of the Manor” titles that come onto the market are genuine, but they are not titles of nobility and their owner may not be styled Lord or Lady (as the scam merchants claim). English feudal baronies, on the other hand, despite being offered from time to time in famous auction houses, were abolished by Act of Parliament in 1660 and the Irish feudal baronies in 1662. (The term “barony” is, confusingly, still in use in Ireland for an administrative district.)

Those who nevertheless intend to acquire a feudal title, are willing to pay the market price, and are unwilling to await the Scottish market adjusting to the unknown decisions the Lord Lyon will presumably make later this year, now look to France as the most obvious source. Accordingly we have published a booklet Notes on French Titles which, we hope, will be of use.
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