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Vol. VI, No. 2
September-October 2001

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Contents ~ The Magazine

Heraldry - Blue Lion
Early Days ~ (Part 2) on the development of blazon
Heraldry - classical
Classical Heraldry ~ 13th-14th Century Arms (Part 5)
Heraldry - clan badges
Clan badges ~ folio 4
Curiosity Corner ~ The Pegasus
Heraldic Cadency (or Differencing) ~ Chapter 3 in the JAG series
Heraldry - FAQs
FAQs ~ More questions frequently asked of the Editor
The Abuse of Heraldry ~ (Part 2) An Armorial Book Token
Heraldry - seigneur's coronet
If you really must buy ~ Using your title
Heraldry - Examples of Abuse
BookPost ~ The NEW Burke's Landed Gentry
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"The Most Noble Order of the Sword", "one of the world's most prestigious Orders of Chivalry", awarded Baronage this commendation in the first week of October 2000. The "Order" and its "traditions" were founded, as a company with no share capital and limited by guarantee (of one pound sterling), on August 3rd, 2000 by Mr Gary Martin Beaver (who absentmindedly then entered his forename as "Baron" and surname as "Richecourt" ~ two errors that render the company's legitimacy as questionable as the authenticity of its "Order").