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Vol. V, No. 2
March-April 2000

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Contents ~ The Magazine
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JAG ~ Clan Badges and Tartans ~ Who may wear them?
Clan Badges ~ Authenticated designs available on the Internet

Mists of Antiquity ~ The Origins of the Fleur-de-Lis
Curiosity Corner ~ 6. The Chimera
Caveat Emptor ~ Manorial titles that are not
Caveat Emptor ~ Authentication
Modern Chivalry ~ Aerial knights over the Balkans
Classical Heraldry ~ More black-and-white illustrations
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In collaboration with the Hogarth website we have begun an investigation into the unknown ancestry of the great 18th-century artist, William Hogarth, by publishing and updating, as it arrives, data from the Berwickshire family to which he may have been related.
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