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In collaboration with the readers of the Hogarth website we are beginning an investigation into the unknown ancestry of the great 18th-century artist, William Hogarth, by publishing contemporary details of the Berwickshire family to whom he may have been related.

A cockatrice
Curiosity Corner ~ 4. The Dragon
Kennedy badge
The Cinema ~ The Ancestry and Arms of Helena Bonham Carter
The Union ~ The Flag and its meaning
Beaton arms
So he says he's an earl ? ~ More on unentitled titles
rampant lion of the Bruces
The Ancestry of Robert the Bruce ~ III. The mysterious blue lion rampant
pile of books
BookPost ~ Through the Stones - An Outlandish Companion
A Wessex dragon
The Countess of Wessex ~ New arms for the Rhys-Jones family
Scrope arms
Chivalry ~ Now, and twelve hundred years ago
Bertie arms
A Ghost Story for Christmas ~ The Legend of Birse
crested helm
Classical Heraldry ~ A Gallery of Heraldic Art ~ IV
Culinaria initial
Culinary Arts ~ Christmas with Charles and Catherine Dickens
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