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The Journalists' & Authors' Guide to Heraldry and Titles was introduced in October 1998 to be developed as an online reference for writers seeking to verify their understanding of ancient terms they wish to use but of whose exact meaning they are uncertain. Experience with current television programmes and newspaper reports suggests that no one actually cares very much today about the correct use of such politically-incorrect terminology as that necessary for discussion of royalty, peerage and nobility, and of their heraldic additaments, but the amount of correspondence the misunderstanding of these subjects generates argues otherwise.

J A G to Heraldry and Titles was specially commissioned for online publication, and is to appear with extra subjects added each month. The original timing of this has been rescheduled to allow the presentation to be restructured - to remove the frames that the browsers of some readers found troublesome. (It is editorial policy on this site to keep the Web techniques fairly simple, and thus to facilitate the site's use by readers with early browsers.)

The terms discussed to date include the following -

Coat of Arms

Heraldic Achievement ~ shield, crest, wreath or torse, helm or helmet, coronet, motto or slughorn (warcry), supporters, mount or compartment

Peerage ~ of England, Scotland, Great Britain, Ireland, the United Kingdom; and precedence of Dukes, Marquesses (or Marquises), Earls, Viscounts and Barons; and Lords and Barons in Scotland

Tinctures ~ Metals, Colours and Furs, and their depiction

The Clan ~ Clan membership, the right to wear tartan, and the right to bear a clan badge


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