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The two principal sections of the Archives are the genealogical histories presented under the generic title of Moncreiffe's Family Records, and the heraldic dictionary currently being constructed as Buthlaw's Armorial.

Sir Iain Moncreiffe of that Ilk and Harry Pirie-Gordon of Buthlaw were two of the greatest genealogists we have known this century. Notes they have left us are being transcribed and integrated with some newer research by the present editorial staff and will be published from time to time as each branch appears complete. Amendments and additions will be made subsequently as new material becomes available and survives the rigorous examination our researchers demand.

We have several thousand pages awaiting the attention of the editors, so many years of painstaking work will keep us busy. However, readers who despair of ever seeing their own family name appear should recognise that the linear, male-only descent is often the least interesting, that distaff lines may lead to "gateway" ancestors opening bloodroutes through to fascinating, historic personalities whose achievements influenced national development.

Your name may be Blogges, and the Blogges line may not be due for publication until 2049, but if your grandmother was a Hamilton, for example, and can be linked to the early Earls of Abercorn, for example, then you connect with the Royal House of Scotland at a period after the Royal House had acquired its own link to Charlemagne.

You have two parents and four grandparents, as you are well aware, but if you move back ten generations then your inverted pyramid (2, 4, 8, 16. 32, 64, 128, 256, 512, 1024) has over 1,000 names across the top of the page. (Yes, some names may appear more than once, but it is still a large number and you are still only in the 17th century.) Move back another ten generations and you have over a million names at the top of the page ~ and you are in the 14th century, the French nobility is being defeated at Courtrai (Kortrijk) by an army of burghers and peasants, Wallace is being butchered in London, Bruce is crushing the invincible English cavalry at Bannockburn . . . . . . . You had ancestors there, Mr Blogges, and we hope you will eventually find your links to them in this Archives section.


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