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The online publication of The Baronage Press archives is intended primarily for ancestor hunters whose access to the great genealogical libraries is limited. There are a lot of you out there, the latest market survey revealing that in North America alone 64 million have at some time written a family history or constructed a family tree.

As many of our readers overseas plan to visit the British Isles in pursuit of their ancestral heritage, we extend our guidance into areas other than genealogical data. We shall in future include in these areas appropriate travel arrangements (airlines, car hire, ferry services, etc), conveniently situated accommodation (the great houses now managed as hotels, the small guest houses in the remoter ancestral homelands), and recommended department stores and specialist clothing shops that equip our visitors to face the rigours their ancestors survived.

Associated with this guidance will be the suggestions of our sponsors. These will be accessed by visiting the new advice bureaux, three of which, the Burlington, the Regional, and the Travel, will be operational by mid-1998.

Please, whenever possible, and whether visiting from overseas or already resident in the British Isles, support our sponsors on whose support we at The Baronage Press in turn rely for the expansion of your online databank.


Heirloom & Howard: Armorial Antiques from identified families

The Burlington Arcade: In the Heart of London's West End

Regional Specialities: The Food and Drink of our Ancestors (in preparation)

Travel Bureau: Sensible Travel to and in the British Isles (in preparation)

Pegasus Armorie: Heraldic Designs certified to be genuine and lawful

Electronic Data Collection: Manipulation and Analysis of digitised data

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The Baronage Press now introduces its clients to the benefits of online promotion and the advantages of Internet communication.

The authors and graphic designers of The Baronage Press take clients all the way from the initial analysis of their marketing needs through to the final uploading of their first pages for the World Wide Web. The service provided can then, at the client's option, be extended to the continuing process of amendment and to the collection and analysis of data produced via the interactive response pages.

Interactive response systems include online sales facilities.

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