Antonio Adolfo Boada Cartaya

The “Prince de Lusignan”, “Marquis d’Alessio”, under pressure from the investigations of various regulatory authorities in the United States, has closed down his website and is currently transferring his fraudulent “titles” business to an offshore tax haven. In the meantime, anxious to preserve his cashflow, he is attempting to sell a bunch of “titles” with the cooperation of the Expatriate World newsletter. The text is as follows ~


Very Special Closeout Offer from EW - Limited Time Offer

This is a special offer you won't want to miss - and it comes once
in a lifetime. Our titleman in Europe has sold out his business and in the
process of retiring has given the lot to EW to offer to his worldwide
client base. Some are very impressive titles at unbelievably low cost. As
you may remember, our title man many times bought titles in bulk for
resale. Buying in bulk reduces the costs and EW is now able to pass on to
you our titleman's savings. You will find the prices on this sale cheaper
than you've ever seen. Normal business practices among the many competitors
of our titleman have seen those firms tremendously inflate prices.
EW is able through special arrangements with "our titleman" offer
you his entire portfolio at vastly reduced prices. Most of these titles are
English and Irish Feudal Baronies which command the very highest prices on
the market. According to our titleman's sources, there is a confabulation
of major London auction houses trying to sabotage sales of "players" who
"destabilize" the market. Seems there is an unspoken monopolistic illegal
agreement between them that any legal feudal barony will not be sold by
them for less than £20,000. EW, as always, defies convention and searches
out the truth. The fact is, that these glamorous, glorious, supposedly
"prestigious" London auction houses grossly inflate prices and try at all
desperate costs to keep prices up for the buyer by any means.
One doesn't have to look too far back and remember the legal
judgment against Sotheby's and Christies collaboration between supposed
competitors to keep prices up. And who pays when this happens? YOU.
Our titleman has allowed EW to offer the following Feudal Baronies
and Continental titles of nobility at realistic and true market prices --
no rip-off prices here!
Only a fool would pay as much as 3 times the "real" price from some
pretty dodgy title houses in London. The fact is you CAN obtain a barony
for a fraction of what these colluding companies demand of you in payment.

A LITTLE RECENT HISTORY -- Yes, the title market is being shaken to the
bone and in disarray. Much of this has to do with a little group lead by a
destitute Earl, a mouth piece of a monorial society in the UK who tries to
impart upon all who will listen his "wisdom" that titles cannot be bought.
This is rubbish! Bought titles can be backed by law. This "wisdom of title
can't be sold" comes from a man who has no degree whatsoever in law,
history, genealogy, feudal law, or anything which governs titles. He is a
farmer and pub owner in the pay and services of a manorial society in the
UK--Great Britain. This pub owner has sold quite a number of Lordships of
the Manor titles himself, through that manorial organization.

HERE'S THE FACTS -- DON'T LET OTHERS CONFUSE YOU: First, you can very much
sell feudal titles of nobility and this occurs quite legally under the Law
of Property Act 1922 -1925 and the Conveyancing Act of 1881. The
desperate earl seeks to confuse you by mixing and confusing the above two
Acts of Parliament with the much different and later peerages act of 1925.
This last act simply says that you cannot sell purely honorific titles
granted by the Crown and it refers to titles created AFTER the land-based
feudal titles which retain quite a number of land rights. such as minerals,
hunting, fishing, fairs, markets, timber and countless other rights both
present and historical.

To obtain a title that will grant you the right to call yourself
Lord or Lady X or Baron/Baroness X, you need not do anything illegal, but
rather buy a feudal title that was once based on land tenure. One of the
rights associated with the land [even though the land may have long been
gone] is the right to noble status and to be regarded as such. Lordships of
the Manor entitle you to nothing and they are not even on the list of
precedence, whereas a proper conveyance of title based upon the Law of
Property Act 1922-1925 and the Conveyancing Act of 1881 will grant you the
right, style and status of nobility. You are committing no crime whatsoever
and you will not be usurping any title that cannot legally be sold.
EW has from time to time promoted titles sold through certain title
men in Europe and elsewhere. Some of our potential sales never materialized
for others in the title business duped our readers/clients into believing
things that were not true about peerage law. Expat World, as you all
realize, is not a noble title company. We are a publishing company and
offer products and services of a unique worldly nature that we think our
readers want, benefit from, enjoy or indulge in for pure pleasure. Saying
this, we have investigated the basics of peerage law for our own benefit so
we could offer titles from time to time to our clients with basic knowledge
of the title field. We have learned one thing that should be remembered by
all when offered a British title; the only legal way you can become a
bonafide member of the British nobility is to buy a feudal title which is
perfectly permissible in Law or have one bestoyed on you by the
matter how much some people may try to convince you otherwise.

Now, the question is how much do you pay for a barony?

Do you pay highly inflated London market prices or do you buy from
an estate or portfolio as EW has been lucky enough to get to offer in a
clearance sale? Our titleman can and will provide all of the documents
and legalizations by qualified London solicitors with a physical street
address, licensed and insured by the Law Society at guaranteeable lower

CUT TO THE CHASE -- It is your choice. EW through its title man has a
very limited number available of these true and legitimate titles at prices
which are often half of that which you would pay the London auction houses.
If you wish to proceed with an acquisition of these titles, EW can tell
you, as someone who has seen the prices other firms are asking for the same
type titles, that you will be making a unwise decision not to buy if you
possibly can afford to. The thing to remember about these titles is that
they can be resold at a later date. We in no way offer these as investment
pieces but we will tell you that many of the titles offered in the past
have gone up an average of 700% in the last fifteen years; you pay no tax
on them and they are considered intangible assets that you can freely trade
without fear of government intervention.
EW has been promoting selected titles from time to time over 15
years but never have we come across such a magnificent close-out offer as
we are going to present to you today. if you have ever dreamed of becoming
a baron, duke or prince, do it in this lifetime and not the it
while we have these completely legitimate titles, countersigned by the
Queen's Secretary of State, duly recorded and still available AND at prices
up to 1/3 of the price that the London "clique" will sell you the SAME
legal product.


England & Ireland

*Barony of Easton [Little Easton] US$17,000 reduced to US$ 10,000
*Barony of Castle Cary US$19,800 " " US$ 12,200
Barony of Barnstaple US$45,000 " " US$ 16,200
*Barony of Bradninch US$17,000 " " US$ 8,900
*Barony of Millstreet US$16,400 " " US$ 9,800
*Viscountcy & Barony of Kinaleah US$28,000 " " US$ 22,000
Barony of Mitchellstown US$18,000 " " US$ 11,200


Barony of Cioches US$ 7,000 " " US$ 5,000
Barony of Gurnay US$ 7,000 " " US$ 5,000
*Barony of Vannes US$20,000 " " US$ 10,100

Germanic States

Principality of Elten US$27,000 " " US$ 15,200
Principality of Quedlingburg US$17,900 " " US$ 13.100
Principality of Havelsberg US$ 20,00 " " US$ 13,100

* we have histories for * ones on disk

Don't delay to get the title of your choice

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