The Travel Bureau

Sensible Travel to and in the British Isles
and Continental Europe

The Travel Bureau has two principal objectives. The first is to inform ancestor heritage hunters of savings in travel costs available either through The Baronage Press arrangements with major travel operators, or directly from airlines and car hire companies themselves.. The second is to bring to their attention specific opportunities and difficulties relating to their destination regions, particularly in respect of the availability or absence of suitable accommodation.

When planning an ancestor hunting vacation in the British Isles, it is best to start one year in advance and to identify as early as possible the destination regions. Almost certainly, one of the London airports (Heathrow, Gatwick, Stansted or Luton) will be the port of arrival, and London the city for the first night's stopover, but ancestor hunters should not jump immediately into arrangements with the most obvious airlines. For example, travellers from California should not assume that British Airways is the natural airline of choice for travel to the United Kingdom. Virgin Atlantic offers a splendid alternative, notable for its comfort, and enjoys similar interline arrangements with the American domestic carriers bringing intercontinental passengers to the Los Angeles gateway.

Please, whenever possible, and whether visiting from overseas or already resident in the British Isles, support our sponsors on whose support we at The Baronage Press in turn rely for the expansion of your online databank.

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The Burlington Arcade: History in the Heart of London's West End

Regional Specialities: The Food and Drink of our Ancestors (in preparation)

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