The Regional Bureau

Ancestral Homelands: What to Buy

(in preparation)

The Regional Bureau publishes recommendations for specific clothing and equipment useful or, sometimes, strongly advised, for visits to the more remote regions of the British Isles, together with the names of appropriate department stores or specialist shops that provide a reliable service

This Bureau publishes also guidance on the availability of traditional food and drink native to the regions to be visited. This guidance will range far beyond the usual limited range of cheese and whisky but, of course, visitors should note that serious investigation of Britain's rich variety of cheeses will well repay a little effort, especially when they are eaten in their homelands, and the subtleties of Scotch whisky deserve a lifetime's study.

Please, whenever possible, and whether visiting from overseas or already resident in the British Isles, support our sponsors on whose support we at The Baronage Press in turn rely for the expansion of your online databank.

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