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There is a general Web readership of browsers or surfers who may access The Baronage Press with a hyperlink from another history-related Website or from one of their own specific interests, may drop in by accident, may be prompted to visit after reading of our work and finding our address in a magazine article, or who may locate us with a search engine when a relevant question needs an answer.

Within this general group is the specific group of those interested in heritage. These will include primarily historians, genealogists and armorists, but also journalists and students of many disciplines (such as anthropology and architecture, politics and warfare), and the fastest growing group of all, the family historians. Many in this specific group live in North America and in Australasia, but substantial numbers live in the British Isles.

Within the specific group is the specialist group, the one of greatest interest to prestige operations in Great Britain: those who intend to travel on a heritage-hunting tour within the British Isles.

The ancestral heritage hunters visiting the British Isles tend to be middle-aged, generally ten years either side of retirement, free of their children, intent on having a memorable holiday, and they enjoy significant discretionary spending power.

Ancestral country for Stewarts and Campbells

The Web-oriented market has been growing so fast that readership figures are very quickly outdated. It is generally accepted that there are now at least 30 million world wide with access to the Web, of whom 20 million describe themselves as Web browsers or surfers, and that the vast majority of these speak English and live in the "western" world. This profile matches that of the typical heritage-hunting visitor to the British Isles.

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