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The Baronage Press links its readership to advertisers' brochures and catalogues, and to online sales systems. This is especially valuable for those companies and institutions whose Website's own content does not itself attract a large readership, and who are reluctant to invest in a large in-house editorial organisation. Many of the readers accessing The Baronage Press are potential ancestral heritage tourists in the categories most sought by international airlines, prestige department stores, luxurious hotels, leading service companies and financial institutions.

The use of the World Wide Web for research into family history is one of the Internet sectors with the fastest growth. Although it is difficult to produce precise figures for computerised genealogy, the sales of just one program, Broderbund's Family Tree Maker (250,000 in 1995; 550,000 half-way through 1996) suggest a total involvement of between two and four million.

Genealogy is one of the first activities the intelligent browser (or surfer) develops once the novelty of the system diminishes. Through its hyperlinks with other resources in the same field, The Baronage Press is developing a huge readership, much of it owed to the unique quality and quantity, and occasional rarity, of the data published online from its databank. The Baronage Website is thus a superb bridge between its public and those organisations whose own Websites have too little editorial content to attract readers easily and directly.

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