Those seeking dressings and marinades that reduce time in the kitchen while adding exquisite and subtle flavours to their fish, meat and salads have found the correct website.

Culinaria's designer-chefs combine with their luscious herbs only the very finest Umbrian extra virgin olive oil, and ensure their quality by eliminating entirely the need to display E-numbers on their labels.

Now, after a long development and test marketing period, Culinaria's natural, wholesome and extravagantly delicious confections are on the shelves of the more discriminating food stores.

Additionally, Culinaria supplies both organic extra virgin olive oil from producers specialising in high quality and distinctive characteristics, and organic balsamic vinegar from the most highly rated sources.

And you can order online for home delivery.

This website ~ ~ is the principal online source for information on olives and olive oil. Additionally, Culinaria sponsors the Culinary Arts column in the Baronage magazine ~

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