The ancient mysticism and symbolism of the olive and its oil, together with our instinctive appreciation of the beauty of the tree that bears it, have permeated our modern lives as surely as they did those of our forebears three thousand years ago. And now, as the commercial consequence of the olive's utility in the kitchen and of its important contributions to a healthy diet and enchanting food, there are in Europe more than 500 million olive trees, one for every member of the population.

In North America also, as wherever the climate is sympathetic, the olive's popularity is responding to lifestyle demands and health-conscious choices. California's production may be small by European standards, but it concentrates on oil of the highest quality. Australia, New Zealand and South Africa, as they have previously with their wine production, are now following this route of quality not quantity. It is the route Culinaria chose in selecting Umbria as the primary source of the oils we use in our dressings, and the organic oils we sell from other regions, all selected for their specific characteristics and conscientious cultivation, conform to the same standards.

Visitors to this website will find an expanding fund of useful knowledge on the delights and benefits of the olive and its oil, of information on the distinctive qualities of the products of various regions, and an online order system for a three-day delivery service to UK-resident readers.
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