Journalists' and Authors' Guide to .Heraldry and Titles

This issue introduces an online guide prepared specifically for journalists and authors seeking guidance on armorial terminology and the use of titles in mediaeval and modern British society. It responds to the need expressed by the large number of queries we receive about the correct use of noble titles (peerage titles, courtesy titles and feudal titles, etc), and by the regrettable heraldic solecisms found regularly in even the most serious and well-respected journals.

We start with the components of an heraldic achievement (so often described incorrectly as "a coat of arms"), distinguishing between a coat of arms, a crest and a badge, and with a look at the use of the word "peerage".

Although this magazine is scheduled for publication every two months, we expect to add a new chapter of JAG each month.

Constitutional Affairs

We started our commentary on the House of Lords debate with
the suggestion by Lady Jay that life peers should lose their titles.
That was in the August issue of this online magazine.

In this October issue we have been persuaded by a letter from
, written to The Sunday Times ostensibly in defence of
the American President but attacking the legitimacy of the Prince
of Wales, to look at the links that bind British sovereigns to their
Parliament, and at the role of that partnership in the Constitution.

As part of the November supplement we have added comment on Lady Jay's explanation of the Government's rationale for the abolition of the Parliamentary rights of the hereditary peers.

We have noted also, without regret, the resignation from the Government of one of its most fervent republicans.


The Magazine ~ October-December Issue

Royal Families: - An American View from a "Former member of the Florida House of Representatives"
The Constitution: - Lady Jay's Intentions for the House of Lords
The Union: - Its true significance on the National Ensign of Australia
Journalists' & Authors' Guide to Heraldry and Titles
To the Editor
Descendants of Sir William Wallace: - The Baillie Connection
Caveat Emptor: - Titles of Nobility for Sale!!!
The Prime Minister loses a republican Secretary of State.
BookPost - Reviews of Historical Novels, Historical Reference, Heraldry and Travel Guides
Volume IV - No. 1 ~ January - March 1999
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