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The Hogarths in Berwickshire

and later of Firhill

and on the Darling Downs in Queensland


Arms of Hogarth of Firhill

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GEORGE HOGARTH OF FIRHILL, baptised 23 July 1774, married 21 September 1797 Jane (born 12 November 1779 and died 10 July 1831) daughter of William Forbes of Echt by his wife Elizabeth daughter of Dr Thomas Arbuthnott of Balglessie and died 27 April 1848 aged 73 having had issue -

A1 George Hogarth, 2nd of Firhill, CB, Lieutenant Colonel 26th Regiment The Cameronians, baptised in Aberdeen 13 July 1798, married 1st 23 September 1832 Mary Ann Beale (died Bhowanipore aged 28) daughter of Thomas Beale by his wife Margaret Cooper, married 2nd 23 July 1835 Mary Ann Spence (died Calcutta February 1838) by whom he left issue -
..B1 George Hogarth, 3rd of Firhill, Lieutenant 26th Regiment The Cameronians, born 12 July 1837, educated Marischal College, Aberdeen, and died of yellow fever 28 October 1856 while with his regiment in Bermuda
Lieutenant Colonel George Hogarth, 2nd of Firhill, married 3rd on 3 June 1851 Ellen Varden Dawson and died of cholera at Quebec 25 July 1854 having had further issue -
..B2 James Dawson Hogarth, died young
..B3 Alfred Hogarth, died young
..b1. Edith Georgina Hogarth, born posthumously 3 March 1855 at High Beech, Essex
James Hogarth, baptised in Aberdeen 18 October 1799, died 1817 without issue
A4 Thomas Hogarth of Elmfield, baptised in Aberdeen 8 October 1806, married 12 September 1837 Elizabeth Judith younger daughter of Rev. Edward Prescott of Clare Hall, Halifax, and died 13 March 1864 having had issue -
..b1. Anne Hogarth, married 5 July 1860 Charles Basil Fisher, son of Captain Sandilands Fisher, 72nd Highlanders
..b2. Jane Mary Hogarth, married 30 October 1861 Alexander George Pirie of Lochmelm, son of Francis Pirie, and died 23 March 1863 [refer to Pirie-Gordon of Buthlaw]
..b3. Elizabeth Hogarth, married 6 December 1864 Henry Arthur Crane, Major 72nd Highlanders and died 14 June 1915
A5 Joseph Hogarth, baptised in Aberdeen 15 July 1811, had by his 1st wife, with other issue, -
..b1. Jessie Susannah Hogarth, married 25 October 1859 Rev. William Molyneux, Rector of Twineham, Sussex, and died 26 July 1913 having had issue [refer to Molyneux, Bt]
Joseph Hogarth died 1889 having had issue by his 2nd wife -
..B1 William Hogarth, Reverend, educated St Bees, ordained 1892, Chaplain to the Forces 1915-20, Rector of Ballygleish 1901-22, St Saviour's Portadown, County Armagh 1922.
..b2. Wilhelmina Hogarth, married John McAnalby
..b3. Louisa Hogarth, married Capitaine Le Charnois, French Army (killed in action 1918)
..b4. Elizabeth Hogarth
John Hogarth, born in Aberdeen 30 December 1813, went to Australia, married and had issue
A7 Dickson Hogarth, born in Aberdeen 29 March 1817, went to Australia with his brother, died unmarried
A8 Hugh Hogarth, born in Aberdeen 25 July 1818, merchant in Aberdeen, died at Bath 6 December 1883
a1. Elizabeth Hogarth, baptised in Aberdeen 22 January 1801, married 18 October 1824 James Hadden (born 5 October 1791 and died 9 March 1850), son of Provost Hadden of Aberdeen
a2. Jane Hogarth, baptised in Aberdeen 13 January 1803, married 22 June 1824 Thomas Bannerman and had issue one son, Sir George Bannerman, 10th Bt, and five daughters of whom Elizabeth married as his 2nd wife her cousin Alexander Pirie Hogarth, 5th of Firhill.
a3. Christian Hogarth, baptised in Aberdeen 25 January 1804
a4. Euphemia Hogarth, baptised in Aberdeen 28 December 1807, married as his 1st wife Francis Pirie, 2nd son of Alexander Pirie of Waterton and Stoneywood, and had issue one son Alexander George Pirie of Lochmelm who married his cousin Jane Mary daughter of Thomas Hogarth of Elmfield [refer to Pirie-Gordon of Buthlaw]
a5. Margaret Hogarth, baptised in Aberdeen 7 February 1809, married James Dawson (of High Beech, Essex) and had issue a son
a6. Johanna Hogarth, born in Aberdeen 26 or 29 May 1815, married 6 February 1840 Alexander Leslie of Birkwood (died 16 March 1862) and died 10 June 1897 leaving issue one son.

WILLIAM HOGARTH 4th of Firhill, baptised in Aberdeen 29 December 1804, educated Marischal College, Aberdeen, married 4 April 1832 Jane Gordon elder daughter of Alexander Pirie of Waterton and Stoneywood [refer to Pirie-Gordon of Buthlaw] and died 1867 having had issue (with two other children who died in infancy) -

A2 Joseph Hogarth, Major, 43rd Light Infantry, born 11 April 1837, educated Marischal College, Aberdeen, married 5 April 1870 his cousin Mary (died 9 October 1915) daughter of Francis Pirie [refer to Pirie-Gordon of Buthlaw] and had issue -
..B1 Joseph Hatchell Hogarth, born 23 December 1873, educated Rugby, married 24 September Sophia Louise Clegg and had issue -
....c1. Marjorie Hogarth, born January 1910 and died 4 November 1918
..b1. Mary Louise Hogarth, born 21 March 1871 and died 1964
..b2. Elizabeth Maud Hogarth, born 30 July 1872
..b3. Frances Hope Logie Hogarth, born 3 December 1875, married 1 July 1913 J. Reddoch and died without issue 17 June 1919
A3 William Hogarth of Balgownie on the Darling Downs in Queensland, born 1838, educated Marischal College Aberdeen, married 1873 Anne Cunningham (born 1849, died 1930) eldest daughter of Robert Reid Robertson of Wellington Vale in New South Wales, by his wife Elfreda daughter of Nicol Graham, and drowned 23 January 1894 (swimming Hodgson Creek while it was in flood) leaving issue -
..B1 William Paterson Hogarth, born 1875, married Mary Macrae and died 10 September 1959 without issue
..B2 Robert Cunningham Hogarth of Auchenharvie in Queensland, born 18 May 1877, married 1905 Sybil Mary Constance Cardew (born 29 December 1883, died 24 September 1968), and died 18 May 1960 leaving issue -
....C1 William Loftus Hogarth of Robsley in Queensland, born 6 January 1906, married 20 February 1935 Heather (born 22 January 1915) daughter of John Monley and died 1 July 1977 leaving issue.
....C2 Glencairn Cunningham Hogarth of Rubislaw in Queensland, born 10 January 1908, married 9 December 1940 Laurel Werna daughter of Charles Kennedy of Werna in Queensland and died 12 November 1970 leaving issue.
....C3 Robert Douglas Hogarth, Flight Lieutenant Royal Australian Air Force, served with Royal Air Force Bomber Command, shot down and then prisoner of war, born 24 October 1910, married 2 August 1939 Beryl Marion (born 25 July 1908, died 5 July 1981) daughter of John Nicholson, and died 30 July 1998 leaving issue.
....C4 Lucas Cardew Hogarth of Ballandean in Queensland, born 18 February 1913, died 9 April 1978 without issue
....C5 Alexander Archibald Macdonald Hogarth, Flight Lieutenant Royal Australian Air Force, served with Royal Air Force Bomber Command, shot down and then prisoner of war with his brother Robert, born 18 October 1917, married 7 April 1949 Margot daughter of Harold Davidson of Geraldra, New South Wales, and died 4 June 2000 leaving issue.
....c1. Sybil Minna Hogarth, born 23 October 1914, married 23 October 1935 Gordon Kenneth son of Guy Watson
....c2. Mary Elizabeth Cunninghame Hogarth, born 26 March 1919, married 1966 Charles son of David McWilliam
..B3 Joseph Hogarth, born 3 July 1878, died in England 1918 while recovering from wounds received in action in France
..B4 Archibald Hogarth, born 10 October 1879, Lieutenant, Royal Artillery, killed in action in France 1916
..B5 Alexander Forbes Hogarth, born 19 September 1886, died on active service in the Middle East 1915
..B6 Angus David Hogarth, born 12 March 1888, gassed badly while serving in Flanders, married January 1924 Florence daughter of Thomas Scott and died 14 March 1949 leaving issue -
....C1 Joseph David Hogarth, born 25 July 1924, married 12 October 1966 Eunice daughter of John Becker and died 29 July 1992
..B7 Leslie Hogarth, born 11 July 1889, married 10 February 1938 Ursula daughter of Edward Chadwick and died 10 July 1977 leaving issue.
..b1. Jean Gordon Hogarth, born 9 August 1874, married 1922 David McWilliam and died 5 October 1945 without issue
..b2. Dorothy Hogarth, born 13 April 1881, married 1925 Duncan Macdonald and died 1928 having had issue two sons
..b3. Anne Elizabeth Hogarth, born 4 November 1882, married 1909 Theodore Tod and died 1955 having had issue four sons and three daughters
..b4. Helen Hogarth, born 12 May 1885 and died 15 August 1893.
A4 George Hogarth, educated Marischal College, Aberdeen, murdered by a Chinese war party
A5 Francis Gordon Hogarth, born 28 December 1848, educated Lancing, married his cousin Florence Sophia (died 22 February 1932) eldest daughter of Gordon Pirie (of Chateau de Varennes) [refer to Pirie-Gordon of Buthlaw] and died 27 January 1932 having had issue -
..B1 Francis Gordon Hogarth, Captain Royal Flying Corps and Wing Commander Royal Air Force, born 18 December 1896, educated Wellington, married 1936 Clara Beck and died without issue
..b1. Irene Gordon Hogarth, married 1st 2 October 1912 (divorce 1926) her cousin Major Harold Victor Campbell Pirie, Gordon Highlanders, elder son of Martin Pirie, and had issue [refer to Pirie-Gordon of Buthlaw]. She married 2nd Victor Charles Isherwood Bradshaw and died 12 April 1959.
A6 James Hogarth, merchant in London, educated Marischal College, Aberdeen, and died 10 February 1888 without issue.
a1. Jane Forbes Hogarth, born 24 September 1843, married 8 January 1857 Lieutenant Colonel James Henry Wyatt, CB, 5th Dragoon Guards (born 1825 and died 1884; he was at the Relief of Lucknow) and had issue two sons and four daughters [refer to Wyatt of Hurst Barton Manor]
a2. Ann Hogarth, born 3 September 1845, married 3 April 1866 James Joseph Todd, manufacturer in Aberdeen, and had issue five sons and four daughters
a3. Margaret Hogarth, born 3 April 1847, married 3 January 1867 Major-General John Lindridge Elgee and had issue two sons and two daughters.

ALEXANDER PIRIE HOGARTH, 5th of Firhill, Major, Aberdeen Volunteers, born 31 December 1834, educated Marischal College, Aberdeen, married 1st 13 June 1862 Susan (died 9 July 1867 aged 29) only child of Lewis Henry Lacy (of Withdean, Brighton) and had issue -
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NOTE - This is the best documented of the Border Hogarth families, but there have been several other branches in Berwickshire and Roxburghshire which appear to have been closely related during the 16th century, and some of these have descendants alive today who, it is hoped, will have some of the missing details needed to link their lines to this.
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