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The Hogarths in Berwickshire

and later of Firhill

and on the Darling Downs in Queensland


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......D2 Charles James Hogarth, Highland Light Infantry 1890, Scott's Sharpshooters in Boer War, born 7 December 1869, educated Charterhouse, died 5 April 1945.
......d1. Mary Henrietta Uppleby Hogarth, a noted artist, educated Slade School, died 25 February 1935
......d2. Janet Elizabeth Hogarth, born 27 November 1865, married 1911 as his 2nd wife William Leonard Courtney, LL.D, author, Fellow of New College, Oxford, onetime Editor of the Fortnightly Review
......d3. Edith Cecilia Hogarth, born 1866 and died 25 September 1948
......d4. Christine Hogarth, died of diptheria 1874
......d5. Marjorie (Margie) Hogarth, died of diptheria 1874
......d6. Helen Hogarth, died of diptheria 1874
......d7. Gertrude Maude Hogarth, born 1874, married Edward Crosby and died 18 November 1943 having had issue -
........E1 Owen Crosby, died young following injuries received in the Great War
........E2 Basil Crosby, born 1907, married Mabel Bingham and died 1974 having had issue two sons
........E3 Michael George Marsh Crosby, born 1911, married Joan Patricia McLoughlin (born 1916, died 1980) and died 1993 having had issue two sons
........e1. Gwen Crosby, born 1899, married Rex Secombe and died 1982 (?) having had issue a son
......d8. Mildred Agnes Hogarth, born 1875, married Rev. C. Preston and had issue 2 sons
......d9. Alice Jane Hogarth, born 1876.
....c1. Elizabeth Jean Hogarth, born 13 October 1811, baptised 3 November 1811, married 1830 W. Johnston and died June 1901 having had issue
....c2. Margaret Hogarth, born 1 February 1814, baptised 6 March 1814 and died unmarried 27 November 1831
....c3. Christian Hogarth, born 4 January 1816, baptised 4 February 1816, died 1 May 1894
..B5 Robert Hogarth, Tenant in Marlfield and Eccles Tofts, born ca 1790, married 4 July 1837 Isabella Blackie (died 19 June 1891 aged 85) and died 29 May 1856 aged 66 having had issue -
....C1 George Hogarth, Tenant in Eccles Tofts, born 1842, married 6 August 1867 Emily Gordon (born 29 November 1846, died 29 July 1892 in Salisbury) daughter of John Usher, Tenant in Toftfield, Melrose by his wife Margaret Warwick daughter of Samuel Morton of Hammony Hall by his wife Emily Gordon, and died at sea 3 July 1879 aged 37 leaving issue -
......D1 Robert George Hogarth, CBE (1918), DL (1948), FRCS (1894), LRCP (1891), President BMA 1926, born 15 May 1868, educated Felsted and St Bartholomew's Hospital, married September 1897 Mabel Winifred (born circa 1871) daughter of L. D'Ewes Lynam (of The Park, Nottingham) and his wife Elizabeth, and died 1954 having had issue -
........E1 John Usher Hogarth, Major, Grenadier Guards, born 13 April 1899, educated Harrow and Magdalen College, Oxford, married 1st in August 1923 Margaret Astley daughter of Thomas Huskinson (of the Epperstone and Langar Hall family) and had issue -
..........f1. Veronica Hogarth, born July 1924
..........f2. Susan Hogarth
John Usher Hogarth married 2nd in 1933 Irene Margarette, the former wife of Neville Brace Colt, and the younger daughter of Sir Alfred Rawlinson, 3rd Bt, CMG, CBE, DSO, (refer to Rawlinson, Bt) and died on active service at Narni in Italy 19 July 1944 having had further issue -
..........f3. Dinah Margarette Hogarth (twin), married 25 July 1951 John Garnett Miln, son of Kenneth J. Miln and his wife the later Mrs Francis Glyn
..........f4. Judith Maureen Hogarth (twin), married 12 April 1950 Michael Law, Captain, Scots Guards, (died 21 July 1975), only son of Captain Robert Law of Rosnaree, Slane, County Meath.
....c1. Catherine Hogarth, died 14 June 1841 aged 11 months
....c2. Margaret Hogarth, born 1844, married 1864 her cousin David Hogarth in Newcastle
....c3. Agnes Blackie Hogarth, born 1847, married 25 June1867 James Milvain, son of Henry Milvain by Jane Aitkine Davidson [refer to Scott of Beauclerc, Bt] and had issue
..b1. Elizabeth Hogarth, baptised 21 January 1776 and died in infancy
..b2. Elizabeth Hogarth, born 21 January 1777, married G. Johnston and died 1835 having had issue
..b3. Christian Hogarth, died 1779 in infancy
..b4. Christian Hogarth, baptised 9 May 1786 and died unmarried 22 April 1832
A4 Robert Hogarth, Tenant in Carfrae, born ca 1750, married Mary Scott (niece and co-heiress to the Reverend Minister of Westruther) and died 20 October 1819 having had issue (with 3 children who died young) -
..B1 George Hogarth, Writer to the Signet (WS), the distinguished music critic and biographer of Beethoven, Editor of the Evening Chronicle in London, born 6 September 1783, married 1 June 1814 Georgina (born 1793 and died 5 August 1863) daughter of George Thomson (born 1757, died 18 February 1851), the musical friend and collaborator of Burns, by Katherine (died 1841), daughter of Lt Miller, 50th Regiment, and died 12 February 1870 having had issue -
....C1 Robert Hogarth, settled in Jamaica on Government service, born 10 September 1816, educated Edinburgh Academy, died 1843.
....C2 George Thomson Hogarth, born 26 April 1821 and died October 1841
....C3 William Thomson Hogarth, born 11 January 1823
....C4 James Ballantyne Hogarth, died 1876
....C5 Edward Norris Hogarth (twin with Helen), born 1833, married December 1867 Matilda Anne daughter of James Howell, Professor of Music, Royal London Academy of Music. Both died in March 1879.
....c1. Catherine Thomson Hogarth, born 19 May 1815, married 2 April 1836 Charles John Huffam Dickens, the celebrated novelist (son of John Dickens by his wife Elizabeth daughter of Lieutenant Charles Barrow, Royal Navy) and died 22 November 1879
....c2. Mary Scott Hogarth, died young
....c3. Mary Scott Hogarth, born 26 October 1819 and died 7 May 1837
....c4. Georgina Hogarth, born 1827 and died 1917
....c5. Helen Isabella Hogarth (twin with Edward), born 1833, married Richard Roney and died 1 December 1890 aged 57 leaving issue a daughter.
..B2 Robert Hogarth, in Scremerston and Tenant in Newton, parish of Bedrule, born 4 May 1785, married Elizabeth Purves and had issue -
....C1 Robert Hogarth, born 12 August 1817, baptised 9 September 1817, drowned in the shipwrecked Royal Charter 25-26 October 1859 while returning from Australia
....C2 Peter Purves Hogarth, born 28 June 1819, baptised 25 July 1819, married Georgina Pringle and drowned with her and his brother and his son in the shipwrecked Royal Charter 25-26 October 1859 having had issue -
......D1 Robert Hogarth, drowned in the shipwrecked Royal Charter 25-26 October 1859
......d1. Agatha Hogarth, born and died in Australia
....c1. Margaret Hogarth, born 23 May 1811, baptised 4 June 1811, married 14 May 1829 Patrick Clay and had issue
....c2. Mary Scott Hogarth, born 1813 and died unmarried 1876 at Berwick
....c3. Elizabeth Jane Hogarth, born 5 May 1816, baptised 2 July 1816 and died unmarried in June 1891
....c4. Christina Hogarth, married John Ballantyne
..B3 John Hogarth, born 23 December 1786
..b1. Millicent Hogarth, born 22 May 1788 and died February 1789
..b2. Christian Hogarth, born 5 May 1790, married at Channelkirk January 1816 James Ballantyne (died 17 June 1833 ~ he was partner of Sir Walter Scott), had issue one son and three daughters (of whom the eldest, Jane Barclay Ballantyne, married her cousin David Hogarth) and died February 1829.
..b3. Mary Hogarth, born 1791, died in infancy
..b4. Jane Hogarth, born 2 December 1792, married Channelkirk 12 September 1819 John Paterson
..b5. Mary Hogarth, born 2 March 1794, married at Channelkirk 19 November 1815 David Walker, Tenant in Timpendean, parish of Jedburgh, and had issue 2 sons and 2 daughters
..b6. Appalina Hogarth, born 23 January 1796, married A. Pott at Burnfoot and had issue.
A5 David Hogarth of Hilton, formerly Tenant in Lennelhill, born 1750, married January 1792 Beatrice (died 10 October 1829 aged 64) daughter of George Pringle at Trowburne and Sunlawshill, and died 13 August 1815 having had issue -
..B1 David Hogarth, baptised 12 November 1792
..B2 George Hogarth, born 17 September 1795 and died 1807
..B3 Pringle Hogarth, born 29 March 1797 and died 7 December 1806
..B4 John Hogarth, born 3 January 1802, married Mary Lavinia (died 9 October 1889) widow of ....... Eshelby in Liverpool.
..B5 David Hogarth, Reverend Rector of Portland, baptised 7 September1803, married 1st in April 1837 Hannah Prudence (died 1841) daughter of G.W. Browne-Bohun (of Beccles) and had issue -
....C1 David Francis Hogarth, died 18 December 1902
....C2 Herbert de Bohun Hogarth, educated Wellington, Lieutenant South Wales Borderers Militia, married Lucretia (died 24 September 1915) and died at Kiffi in Norther Nigeria 18 May 1904 having had issue -
......d1. Hazel de Bohun Hogarth, alive and unmarried in 1915
....C3 Sumner Hogarth, died 16 May 1902
The Rev. David Hogarth married 2nd his cousin Jane Barclay (died 1851) daughter of James Ballantyne and had further issue -
....C4 James Ballantyne Hogarth, born 1847 and died 4 September 1892
....C5 John George Hogarth, born 1851
....c1. Christina Mary Hogarth, born 1844 and died 14 April 1914
....c2. Beatrice Hogarth, born 1846
The Rev. David Hogarth married 3rd in April 1857 Charlotte Dorothea, daughter of Dr Robert Kaye Greville (1794-1866), the eminent botanist and illustrator
..B6 Andrew Hogarth, Writer to the Signet (WS), baptised 25 February 1806, married 25 March 1834 Dorothy daughter of Patrick Dickson of Whitecross, in Berwick, and died without issue 22 March 1884
..B7 George Hogarth of Hilton, banker at Cupar, Fife, baptised 4 April 1810, married Mary Ogilvie (born 1815 and died 1896) daughter of David Pearson and had issue -
....C1 David Hogarth, born 4 June 1836, educated Edinburgh Academy, married Mary Eliza Maxwell, and died 21 December 1899
....C2 George Hogarth, born 1839 and died 1848
....C3 Charles Pearson Hogarth, born 1841 and died 28 December 1915
....C4 John Hogarth, born 1843 and died 1844
....C5 John Hogarth, born 1845 and died 1846
....C6 Andrew Pringle Hogarth, Reverend Minister of Monzie, Fife, onetime Chaplain at Karachi, born 21 September 1848, matriculated at St Andrews 1862, and died unmarried 17 September 1908
....C7 George Hogarth, born 1853 [noted as married with one son and a daughter and might be the George Alexander Hogarth of Bristol, also perhaps the "George Hogarth, Esq. of Gloucester", who had a son George Pringle Hogarth educated at Cheltenham from 1910, and a daughter Elizabeth Louisa who married Robert William Nicolson, and another daughter Charlotte Elizabeth]
....c1. Charlotte Hogarth, born 1850
....c2. Beatrice Mary Hogarth, born 1856
....c3. Jane Helen Hogarth, born 1858, died 1871
..b1. Margaret Hogarth, baptised 25 December 1793 and died 1803
..b2. Christian Hogarth, born 1799 and died young
..b3. Jane Hogarth, born 14 June 1800, married 1825 the Rev. George Smith, DD, in Edinburgh, and had issue.
a1. Jane Hogarth, died unmarried
a2. Appalina Hogarth, married but died without issue
a3. Marion Hogarth, born 1748

JAMES HOGARTH, shipowner in Berwick and in Aberdeen, born ca 1744, married 31 October 1769 Elizabeth (died 1 January 1822 possibly aged 73) daughter of Joseph Thomson by his wife Dorothy Cansfield (who married 31 August 1737) and died 2 February 1820 aged 76 having had issue -

A2 Joseph Hogarth, merchant and manufacturer in Aberdeen, baptised 29 December 1780, died unmarried
John Hogarth, Lieutenant in the Honourable East India Company, baptised 20 January 1787 and died of fever at Columbo 23 April 1819 aged 33
A4 James Hogarth, in London, baptised 11 May 1789, died unmarried
. Dorothy Hogarth, baptised 4 September 1770 and died 1777 aged 7
a2. Christian Hogarth, baptised 31 May 1772, married J. Miller Dickson and died without issue
. Appalina Hogarth, baptised 22 November 1776, married Dr Richardson and had issue a son and a daughter
. Dorothy Hogarth, baptised 7 September 1778 and died 10 February 1781
a5. Jane Hogarth, baptised 26 June 1783, married ..... Hillman and had issue 3 sons and 4 daughters.

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