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The Hogarths in Berwickshire

and later of Firhill

and on the Darling Downs in Queensland


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In Pursuit of the Mysterious Mr Hogarth

The principal purpose for this lineage appearing online is the search for clues to the origins of William Hogarth, the eminent artist who immortalised English society and the mores of its classes in the 18th century. What little is known or suspected of his family's ancestry may be summarised as -

? HOGARTH, reported as having been a farmer in the Vale of Bampton in Westmoreland and as having had issue -

A1 Thomas Hogarth, in Troutbeck, a poet
A2 Edmund Hogarth, in London, a merchant near London Bridge
A3 Richard Hogarth, schoolmaster and impecunious author, born ca 1663, married Anne Gibbons, born 1661, died 1735, abd died 1718 having had issue -
..B1 Richard Hogarth, born April 1695 and died December 1705
..B2 William Hogarth, the artist, born November 1697, married 1729 Jane daughter of Sir James Thornhill and died 26 October 1764 without issue
..B3 Thomas Hogarth, born November 1703 and died 1710
..B4 Edmund Hogarth, born 1705 and died 1710
..b1. Mary Hogarth, born November 1699 and died 1741
..b2. Anne Hogarth, born October 1701 and died 1771

William Hogarth, the artist
However, the link between A3 Richard and his two alleged brothers is as yet unproven by the standards of modern genealogical research, and their alleged father has not been claimed by any of the other Hogarth farming families in that region. Moreover, Derek Jarrett wrote in The Ingenious Mr Hogarth, of “distant cousins from Berwickshire who visited Hogarth occasionally during the days of his fame”, and in the published correspondence of Charles Dickens there is mention of members of his wife’s family (in the previous century) having travelled to London to stay with their cousin the eminent painter.

We have a copy of a Hogarth family tree which links the artist’s grandfather to the Berwickshire Hogarths as a brother of William Hogard, the Tenant in Gordon Milne, with whom the lineage below begins, but no authority for this is provided. Information from readers who can supplement the data published here will be most welcome. (Genealogists should note that William Hogarth contributed to the welfare of foundlings in London at a time when foundlings were often given the surnames of their benefactors.)

The Hogarth origins have been much disputed, probably because the name may have been derived from more than one source, but the Hogarths centred on the Gordon lands in the Scottish Borders and linked also to the Gordons in Galloway may well descend from the Rumigny Hougards whose lands included those of Gordinne near Florennes in what is now Belgium. The family suffered heavily in the Anglo-Scottish wars which devastated the lands of Tweeddale, and as those unhappy times drew to a close the senior branch could be found still based around the little village of Gordon. The proven lineage begins here.

WILLIAM HOGARD, Tenant in Gordon Milne in the parish of Gordon, Berwickshire, still alive 24 April 1681, married Marioune Stodart. His Testament is dated 27 April 1675. He had with other issue -

JOHN HOGARD, Tenant in Greenknowe and in Gordon Milne, born ca 1648, married 2 July 1678 Margaret (died 7 April 1739 aged 81) daughter of James Gibson, and died 6 June 1728 aged 80, having had with other issue -

A1 William Hogarth, baptised 29 August 1679, believed to have died young
A2 James Hogarth, baptised 27 January 1681, believed to have died young
A3 JOHN HOGARTH (see below)
A4 George Hogarth, in Byrewalls, baptised 29 November 1691, married Janet Wood and died 11 December 1733 having had issue -
..B1 George Hogarth, Tenant in Byrewalls in 1738, married Helen Jaffray
..B2 John Hogarth, in Byrewalls, born 1723, married, and died 1765 having had 3 sons die young.
..b1. Elizabeth Hogarth, married her cousin James Hogarth at Haigsfield and died 18 February 1767 aged 42
A5 William Hogarth, baptised 29 April 1694
A6 James Hogarth, baptised 29 December 1695
a1. Marion Hogarth, born ca 1680, married Robert Patterson in Rumbletonlaw and died 10 March 1703 aged 23.
a2. Agnes Hogarth, baptised 6 July 1684
a3. Janet Hogarth, baptised 17 August 1690

JOHN HOGARTH, Tenant in Rumbletonlaw, baptised 23 May 1683, married Jean, daughter of John Thurbrand, Portioner of Smailholm [refer to Thurburn], and died 5 February 1753 aged 70 having had issue -

A1 GEORGE HOGARTH (see below)
A2 John Hogarth at Rumbletonlaw, born 1711, (possibly went to London and could be the John Hogarth in the parish of Westminster who was executor to his nephew John Waddel’s 1764 will. John Waddel was Captain of an East Indiaman)
A3 James Hogarth in Haigsfield and later (1777) Tenant in Eccles Newtown, born ca 1717, married 1st his cousin Elizabeth Hogarth and had issue -
..B1 John Hogarth, died 10 January 1764 aged 16
..B2 James Hogarth, Tenant in Bailieknowe and in Eccles Newtown, baptised 17 January 1756 and died 9 April 1823 aged 67
..B3 George Hogarth, surgeon in the Royal Navy, baptised 3 October 1757 and died 1826 aged 68
..B4 David Hogarth, Tenant in Fireburn Mill, baptised 18 March 1761, married at Coldstream 27 June 1789 Mary Murray (died 7 February 1813 aged 47) and died 24 May 1811 aged 50 having had issue -
....C1 James Hogarth, died 27 August 1790 aged 3 months
....C2 Adam Hogarth, died 1 January 1792 aged 7 months
....C3 David Hogarth, Lieutenant Bombay Artillery, born 1792, died of fever at Bycullah 30 April 1816
....C4 James Hogarth, died 9 January 1797 aged 3 years
....C5 John Hogarth, Tenant in Akeld, parish of Kirknewton, born 1795, married 1835 Helen Nichol (died 18 July 1876 aged 75) and died 7 March 1856 aged 60 leaving issue
......D1David Hogarth, in Newcastle, born 1840, married 1864 his cousin Margaret, daughter of Robert Hogarth in Marlfield and Eccles Tofts, and had issue -
........E1 John Hogarth
........e1. Isabella Hogarth, born 1868
........e2. Helen Hogarth
........e3. Mary M. Hogarth
........e4. Agnes F. Hogarth
......d1. Agnes Robertson Hogarth, born 1838, married 1st Dr George Douglas in Kelso, and 2nd Edward son of Francis Somner by his wife Jessie Usher
......d2. Mary Murray Hogarth, born 1843, died 27 June 1871 aged 28
....C6 George Hogarth, died 13 February 1808 aged 3 years
....c1. Jane Hogarth, died 12 October 1798 aged 2 years
....c2. Elizabeth Hogarth, died 8 January 1799 aged 10 months
....c3. Mary Hogarth, born 1803, married James Hall Pringle (died 22 July 1874) tenant in Hyndlee and died 27 December 1850 having had issue together with a son and 2 daughters
......D1 George Hogarth Pringle, died at sea March 1872
......d1. Margaret Preston Hall Pringle died 9 August 1877 aged 72
..B5 William Hogarth, baptised 28 November 1762, believed died 1770
..B6 Adam Hogarth, baptised at Eccles 12 January 1767
..B7 John Hogarth, believed died 1782
..b1. Mary Hogarth, died February 1764 aged 13
..b2.Margaret Hogarth, born ca 1754, married her cousin George Hogarth at Eccles Tofts and died 1 March 1809 aged 55
..b3. Janet Hogarth, baptised 16 February 1754 and died 1811 aged 56
..b4. Jean Hogarth, baptised 6 May 1759 and died unmarried ca 1834
James Hogarth married 2nd at Eccles 11 October 1769 Sarah Ogilvie (died 1806 aged 84) and died 30 October 1792 aged 75
A4 David Hogarth, born 5 March 1721, married 6 June 1742 Mary Roughead (died 1789 aged 72) and died 17 August 1761 having had issue -
..B1 John Hogarth, in Berwick, born 1743 and died 1790 (?)
..B2 a son who died young
..B3 George Hogarth of Marshallmeadows, baptised 14 January 1749, served heir to his brother John 30 April 1825
..b1. Jane Hogarth, baptised 22 March 1745, married 1764 Adam Murray and died 1786. They had a son whose daughter served heir to her great-uncle George Hogarth of Marshallmeadows.
..b2. Mary Hogarth, baptised 31 December 1750 and died young.
a1.Marian Hogarth, baptised 28 September 1707, married 1728 Andrew Waddel in Longformacus and had a son John who was Captain of an East Indiaman

GEORGE HOGARTH, tenant in Lennelhill, born ca 1710, married circa 1736 Christian (born 1709, died 1782) daughter of ..... Paterson of Fernyside, and died 1791 having had issue -

A1 John Hogarth of Hilton, born 1737, married Jean Ker and died at Berwick 16 July 1814 having had issue -
..B1 George Hogarth, settled in America, born ca 1762 and died unmarried at Berwick 2 February 1831
..B2 Thomas Hogarth, Lieutenant Colonel 82nd Regiment, born 1783 and died unmarried at Berwick 7 March 1854 [allegedly having had several bastard children, but more details are sought of these!].
..b1. Janet (or Jessie) Hogarth, born ca 1774 and died unmarried 15(?) September 1854 aged 80
..b2. Appalina Maria Hogarth, baptised 27 October 1786 and died unmarried at Berwick 12 November 1834
..b3. Christian Hogarth, died 1 December 1854 aged 78, married John Dickson of Peelwalls (died 12 November 1834 aged 67) and had issue
....c1. Janet Hogarth, died 20 November 1871
..b4. Nancy Hogarth married ..... Tait of Longrigg and had issue.
A2 JAMES HOGARTH (see below)
A3 George Hogarth, Tenant in Eccles Tofts, born ca 1747, married at Eccles 24 December 1772 his cousin Margaret (died 1 March 1809 aged 55) daughter of James Hogarth in Haigsfield and died 10 November 1813 aged 66 having had issue -
..B1 George Hogarth, Tenant in Haymount, born 31 October 1773, married 11 November 1802 in Edinburgh Jane (born 10 February 1777 and died 6 December 1846 aged 69) daughter of Ralph Archibald by his wife Margaret Dawson and died 1848 aged 74 having had issue (with two other children who died young) -
....C1 George Hogarth, baptised 20 December 1803
....C2 Ralph Archibald Hogarth, baptised 15 October 1806, Steward to the Bishop of Kilmore, Ireland, buried there 19 April 1851. He had issue -
......D1 George Hogarth, born 1839, married at Chelsea 2 November 1860 Clara (born 19 September 1827, died 13 July 1901), and died before 1881 having had issue -
........E1 Frederick William Hogarth, born circa 1858, married 1st Sarah Cemmitt Weedon (born 1859, died 1894), daughter of Charles Weedon, and had issue -
..........F1 Frederick James Hogarth, born 9 January 1884, married Helena Clementina Harding (died in Durban 1944) and died in Durban, South Africa in 1939 having had issue -
............g1. Clementina Forbes Lilian Hogarth, born 10 June 1912 and died 24 August 1927
..........F2 Harold Herbert Hogarth, born 13 September 1885, married Daisy Wing (born 1891), daughter of William Thomas Wing, and had issue -
............G1 Herbert Hogarth, born 1916
............g1. Daisy Hogarth, born 1918
..........F3 Albert Edward Jubilee Hogarth, born 31 March 1887, married 16 August 1925 Florence Sophia Somner (born 2 February 1894, died 20 February 1967), daughter of James Morris Somner, and died May 1937 having had issue -
..........F4 Henry Irvine Hogarth, born 1889, believed to have emigrated to North America
..........F5 Charles Simnett Weedon Hogarth, born 1 December 1890 and killed in action aboard HMS Invincible at Battle of Jutland 31 May 1916.
........Frederick William Hogarth married 2nd Rose Curtis (born 18 November 1874, died 1932), daughter of Arthur Charles Curtis, and died in South Africa 22 July 1932 having had further issue -
..........F6 Arthur Lewis Hogarth, born 28 October 1905 and died in infancy
..........f1. Lily May Hogarth, born 1896, married 21 September 1918 Alfred Henry Reeves, son of Alfred William Reeves, and died 1922 having had issue -
..........f2. Rose Violet Lavinia Hogarth, born 16 March 1897, married 5 September 1918 John Godfrey Gollings (born 10 December 1885, died 19 January 1961), son of John Gollings by Elizabeth Suthmere Granger, and died 1975 having had issue -
..........f3. Jessie Elizabeth Hogarth, born 15 March 1898 and died in infancy
..........f4. Sarah Jane Hogarth, born 13 September 1899
..........f5. Olive Alva Hogarth, born 31 December 1915, married 1939 Edward Voice and died 1970 having had issue two daughters
........e1. Clara Jane Hogarth, born 16 February 1861, married in 1884 Augustus Wilhelm Ludwig Weise (born 1861 in Hanover) and had issue -
..........f1. Christine Weise, born 1885
..........f2. Mabel Weise, born 1886, married 8 November 1905 William Edwin (born 1879) son of James Wiltshear
..........f3. Minnie Weise, born 1888
..........f4. Maud Weise, born 1890
........e2. Jane Archibald Hogarth, born 14 February 1864, married 26 December 1885 William Henry John Pritchard (born 1863)
......D2 Ralph Archibald Hogarth, born circa 1845, married 1879 Georgina Pocock (born 1851), daughter of William Pocock, and died 1900 having had issue -
........E1 Ralph Archibald Hogarth married Blanche May Shepherd and had issue a daughter
........E2 Albert Edward Hogarth, born 1887, died young
........E3 Albert Hogarth, born 1888
........e1. Georgina Hogarth, born 1882
........e2. Jane Archibald Hogarth, born 1884
........e3. Elsie Hogarth, born 1886
........e4. Winifred Hogarth, born 1889
....C3 James Hogarth, born 27 April 1808
....C4 John Hogarth, born 27 March 1810
....C5 George Hogarth, born 8 July 1815
....C6 Thomas Hogarth, born 20 August 1817
....c1. Margaret Hogarth, born 25 February 1805
....c2. Janet Hogarth, born 1 May 1811
....c3. Christian Archibald Hogarth, born 1 August 1812, died young
....c4. Christian Hogarth, born 1820, married 11 October 1836 William Turnbull in Briery Yards and died 1895 having had issue 2 other sons and several daughters -
......D1 George Turnbull, born 8 September 1843
..B2 James Hogarth, Royal Navy, born 5 April 1780 and died 12 August 1804 in the East Indies [one report] or West Indies [another report]
..B3 John Hogarth, in Sunlawshill, born 5 December 1781, married at Kelso 10 December 1812 Mary Waldie and died without issue
..B4 David Hogarth, Reverend Minister of Makerstoun, born 11 November 1783, baptised 21 November 1783, married at Kelso 13 December 1810 Janet (died 5 June 1838 aged 51) daughter of Robert Nichol of Edenbank and died 14 August 1844 having had issue -
....C1 George Hogarth, born 9 April 1821, baptised 10 May 1821 and died 17 September 1825
....C2 George Hogarth, Reverend Vicar of Barton-on-Humber 1858-89, Rector of Harston, Leicestershire 1889-97, born 14 September 1827, married Jane Elizabeth (born 7 September 1834 and died 20 June 1921) daughter of John Uppleby, solicitor, Town Clerk of Scarborough, and died 4 January 1902 having had issue -
......D1 David George Hogarth, CMG (1918), PRGS (1925-27), FSA (1894), FBA (1905), Director of British School of Archaeology, Athens (1897-1900) and of Cretan Exploration Fund 1899, Commander RNVR, Director Arab Bureau, Cairo 1916, (mentor of Lawrence of Arabia), British Commissioner for the Middle East at Peace Conference 1919, born 23 May 1862, educated at Winchester and Magdalen College, Oxford, MA, D.Litt, married 7 November 1894 Laura Violet, daughter of Charles Uppleby of Barrow Hall and died 6 November 1927 leaving issue -
........E1 William David Hogarth, OBE (1941), Secretary to the Athlone Press, University of London, born 6 November 1901, educated Winchester College and Balliol College, Oxford, MA, married Grace Weston, author and publisher of children?s books, (born 5 November 1905, educated Vassar College, U.S.A., died 11 December 1995) daughter of J. Weston Allen (of Newton Highlands, Massachusetts), and died 1965 leaving issue -


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