Grant of Freuchie and of Grant


The elder son and heir of John Grant, 2nd of Freuchie,
JAMES GRANT, 3rd of Freuchie, was called Sheumas nan Creach (James of the Forays). He was retoured heir to his father in Freuchie, with its castle and fortalice and other lands, in 1536 and 1539. On 24 July 1543 he was one of those who signed the Secret Bond by Cardinal Beaton and others, which was directed against the designs of "our awld enymyis of Ingland" against Queen Mary and the Queen-Regent. He was made Bailie (effectively the chief magistrate of its barony) of the Abbey of Kinloss before 20 June 1544. In 1545, with consent of the dean and chapter of Moray, the lands of Knockando, Glencumrie, and Brodland, in the parish of Knockando, were granted by Alexander Douglas, Chaplain of St. Andrews (Knockando) to James Grant of Freuchie and Christian Barclay, his spouse. On 27 July 1545 he purchased the lands of Estir Urquhil (Easter Urquhart) and Cantradoun, within the barony of Clawach (Clava), in the sheriffdom of Nairn. On 23 April 1545, at Elgin, he exchanged the lands of Easter Urquhart and others with Alexander Dolas of Cantray for the lands of Rothiemurchus. On 4 May 1548 Queen Mary granted him various lands in Lochalsh and Lochcarron.

James, 3rd of Freuchie, died 26 August 1553 at Freuchie (today Castle Grant) and was buried by his own testamentary direction in the Parish Church of Duthil. He married, first, Elizabeth Forbes, daughter of John, 6th Lord Forbes; and, secondly, Christian Barclay, who survived him and married 2ndly Arthur Forbes of Balfour. James Grant, 3rd of Freuchie, left issue:-
A1 JOHN, who succeeded him.
A2 William, who, as son of the Laird of Freuchie, received, on 7 May 1541, from Patrick, Bishop of Moray, a charter of the lands of Finlarg or Muckrath. He died, without issue, before 22 December 1560, when his brother John received a precept of clare constat (a writ renewing the feu for an heir) from the bishop for his own infeftment in these lands as heir of William.
A3 Duncan, who also received from the Bishop of Moray, on 16 January 1542/3, a feu-charter of the lands of Easter Elloquhy (Elchies). But even previous to this date, on 7 May 1541, he had a charter of these lands in feu-farm from the bishop. For assisting in the rebellion of the Earl of Huntly, he received a remission along with other members of the family 9 July 1569. He died in October 1580, having married Marjory Leslie, third daughter of Robert Leslie, 5th son of William Leslie of Aikenway, with issue. He was the ancestor of the Grants of Easter Elchies.
A4 Archibald, probably by the 2nd marriage. On 10 August 1580 he had received a charter of the manse of the sub-deanery of Moray, in which he is designated as "Archibald Grant in Ballintomb (brother of John Grant of Freuchie)". On 24 October 1596, John Cumming, younger of Ernesyde, sold to him certain of the lands of Dalfour, in the barony of Freuchie. He died before 15 June 1619, having married Isabella Cumming, a daughter of the Laird of Erneside. He was the ancestor of the Grants of Monymusk.
a1. Isobel, married, before 1543, to Archibald Campbell, eldest son and heir of Sir John Campbell of Cawdor, and had issue.
a2. Margaret. married (contract 15 September 1552) Thomas Cumming, grandson and heir of Alexander Cumming of Altyre.
a3. Janet, married (contract dated 26 January 1552/3) Alexander Sutherland of Duffus. She survived him, and was married, 2ndly (contract dated 26 September 1577) James Dempster of Auchterless. She survived her second husband also (he dying before 10 January 1578/9 ex inform James Dempster in a recent post to the editor) and died between 17 and 31 October 1600.
a4. Agnes, married (contract 24 August 1558) David Ross, son of Alexander Ross of the Holm.
(Janet Grant, who was married to Alexander Gordon of Strathavon, has been claimed as a daughter of James Grant of Freuchie, but she was more probably a daughter or sister of John Grant of Ballindalloch.)

JOHN GRANT, 4th of Freuchie, called "the Gentle". During his father's life he was designated "of Mulben". On 9 July 1552 he received from Queen Mary a remission for joining Matthew, Earl of Lennox, on Glasgow Moor in May 1544. He was retoured heir to his father in the lands of Glencarnie and Ballindalloch at Elgin on 6 October 1553, and in the lands of Freuchie and others. On 30 October 1554 Robert (Reid), Bishop of Orkney, and his nephew Walter Reid, the lately elected Abbot of Kinloss, appointed the Laird of Freuchie as successor to his father in the office of Bailie of the Abbey of Kinloss. On 25 October 1557 he had a charter of the lands of Parkhill, in the county of Fife, on the forfeiture of John Leslie. On 3 December 1562, acting on an order of 4 November 1562, by Queen Mary, he demanded and took the custody of Drummin Castle, the keepers having fled. This order of the Queen is the first authoritative document in which the Laird of Freuchie is denominated Laird of Grant. He was one of the Queen's party at the Palace of Holyrood on 9 March 1565/6, when David Riccio was murdered in her presence; and he signed the bond of 1568 in support of the Queen. Acting as the Queen's Lieutenant, the Earl of Huntly, on 18 February 1568/9, bestowed upon him the abbacy of Kinloss, escheated because Walter Reid the Abbot had been proclaimed rebel. He was a signatory to the bond of 15 April 1569, drawn up by the Regent's Privy Council, by which the subscribers acknowledged the authority of King James VI, and the Earl of Moray as Regent, and swore to obey them in all points. By a deed dated at Ballachastel on 30 August 1584 he made over, owing to his increasing ill-health, a great part of his lands and estates to John Grant, his grandson and apparent heir, reserving to himself a liferent and to his wife terce. His last will and testament was made at Ballachastell 24 November 1584. He appointed his body to be "bureit in the Kirk of Dowthall in Bogbegis Yll."

John Grant, 4th of Freuchie, married, 1stly,
before 19 February 1539/40, Margaret Stewart,
daughter of John, 3rd Earl of Atholl. She died
in 1555. He married 2ndly, on or before
8 March 1557-58, Janet, daughter of George
Leslie, 4th Earl of Rothes, and widow of David
Crichton of Naughton. (She survived him and
was married, 3rdly, before 10 June 1589, to
James Elphinstone, 3rd son of Alexander, 2nd
Lord Elphinstone. She died at Kirkcaldy
17 December 1591.) He died at Ballachastel
3 June 1585, leaving issue:-

A1 DUNCAN GRANT, his heir apparent.
A2 Patrick Grant of Muckerach, afterwards of Rothiemurchus. In 1570 he received from his father a charter of the lands of Muckerach and others, and before 26 April 1572 he must have received the lands of Rothiemurchus, as in the charter by Colin Mackenzie of Kintail to his sister Barbara Grant of that date he is designated "of Rothiemurchus" and on 26 December 1580, upon his own resignation, he received another charter of the same lands, in which he is designated "of Rothiemurchus". In 1610 he obtained a grant of the lands of Hempriggs in the barony of Kinloss to him and his spouse Jean Gordon. He died after 20 August 1623, on which date he was appointed a Justice of the Peace for the shires of Inverness and Cromarty. He married Jean Gordon, said to have been a daughter of the Laird of Gight, and was the progenitor of the Grants of Rothiemurchus. The second family of Grants of Ballindalloch, now Macpherson Grant, are cadets of Rothiemurchus.
a1. Elizabeth, Elspet or Isobel, by the 1st marriage. On 19 January 1560/1, and again in November 1561, she was contracted to William Fraser of Strowie, but there is no evidence that the marriage was completed. She was ultimately married (contract 15 February 1564/5), as his 1st wife, to John Leslie, younger of Balquhain, and had issue. She obtained a divorce for adultery 30 July 1536 and married 2ndly William Cumming of Inverallochy.
a2. Grissel, by the 1st marriage, married (contract 17 March1558) Patrick Grant, younger of Ballindalloch. She died before 1576.
a3. Margaret. by the 1st marriage, married (contract 23 February 1560) Alexander Gordon, son and apparent heir of George Gordon of Beldornie.
a4. Katherine, by the 1st marriage, named after Margaret in a document of 1559. Probably died before 1561.
a5. Marjory, by the 1st marriage, named after Margaret in a document quoted as of date 20 January 1561.
a6. Barbara, by the 1st marriage, named after Marjory on 20 January 1561, contracted in marriage on 16 November 1568 to Robert Munro, younger of Fowlis. This arrangement was not completed; on 26 July 1570, and again on 25 April 1572, she was contracted to Colin Mackenzie of Kintail.
a7. Helen, by the 1st marriage, married (contract 17 November 1571) to Donald MacAngus VicAlister, younger of Glengarry. This marriage was probably a species of handfasting, as their son Angus had a precept of legitimation 5 April 1584. (She was suing for divorce in 1582.) He was killed at Kyleakin in Skye before 17 March 1607, when he is referred to as deceased and also as bastard.
John Grant, 4th of Freuchie, had also a natural son, John.

The elder son,
DUNCAN GRANT, younger of Freuchie, had on 28 August 1579 a charter from John Meldrum, portioner of Ord, of certain lands called the Haughs of Killeismond, in the county of Banff. On the resignation of John Grant of Corriemony he acquired the four-merk lands of Corriemony and others. He died v.p. at Abernethy sometime between 19 February and 25 March 1581/2, and was buried at Duthil. He married, before 20 February 1568-69, Margaret, daughter of William Mackintosh of that Ilk, or of Dunachton. She was married, 2ndly, in 1584, as his 3rd wife, to Alexander Forbes of Pitsligo; 3rdly, to Alexander Gordon of Abergeldie, who died in 1601; and, 4thly, 21 December 1604, to William Sutherland of Duffus. By her first husband she had issue:-
A1 JOHN, who succeeded his father in Corriemony and his.grandfather as Laird of Freuchie.
A2 James, to whom his father bequeathed Ardneidlie. He was more commonly known as James Grant of Logie, and was ancestor of the Grants of Moyness in the parish of Auldearn, Nairn. He is also designated of Edinvillie. He was alive 27 August 1622, but dead before 8 July 1623. He married 1stly (contract 2 December 1596) Grizel, sister of Alexander Menzies of that Ilk, and 2ndly 8 June 1602, Catherine, 2nd daughter of William Rose, 11th of Kilravock. After his death she married, in 1624, Simon, 6th Lord Fraser of Lovat. She died 19 September 1658, at the age of seventy-seven.
A3 Patrick Og of Easter Elchies, was the ancestor of the second family of that name. He received from his brother John, then Laird of Freuchie, a charter of the lands of Strome, dated at Ballachastell, 10 July 1589, and conflrmed at Holyrood House 13 July 1593. He appears frequently as a witness about 1623 under the designation of Easter Elchies. He died before 8 August 1640, having married Margaret, daughter of Sir Robert Innes of Balvenie.
A4 Robert, the ancestor of the Grants of Lurg, obtained in 1620 from his brother John Grant of Freuchie a lease of the lands of Clachaig to him and his spouse. In 1628 he was appointed by Sir John Grant of Freuchie, his nephew, Bailie of the Grant baronies, and joint chamberlain of his estates, and held these offices till his death, which occurred shortly after 21 June 1634. He married, before 1620, Catherine Stewart of Kilcoy, who survived him, and was alive in 1662, and left issue.
A5 Duncan Grant of Dandaleith, in the parish of Rothes. He appears as a witness to several deeds between 1607 and 1616. He died before 24 February 1620, leaving issue:-
..B1 John
..B2 James
a1. Elizabeth, married (contract 27 April 1594) Alexander Cumming, younger of Altyre.
a2. a daughter, name unknown, mentioned in her father's testament, but no other trace of her has yet been discovered.

The heir, JOHN, who succeeded ....... (to be continued in Grant of Freuchie and Grant, now in preparation )

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