Elphinstone of that Ilk

to end of 16th Century

(The data given here up to and including John Elphinstone of that Ilk is still in draft form and considered by the Editor to be usable at present only as a source of clues. The data which then follows also is in draft form, but is less likely to have repeated the traditional errors found in most peerage directories. A definitive version is scheduled to be uploaded in 1999.)

Ancestry: John Elphinstone of that Ilk, knight, son of Alexander de Elphinstone, who d ca 1290, and eldest brother of Alan de Elphinstone and Duncan de Elphinstone, held the lands of Elphinstone in Lothian of which Sir Alexander Seton of that Ilk was lord, m Margaret dtr of Sir Christopher Seton of that Ilk, and d ca 1338 having had issue:
..A1 Alexander, his heir [see below]

The heir,
Alexander Elphinstone of that Ilk m an heiress, Agnes (or Marjory) Airth, who brought with her lands in Stirlingshire, and d ante 1399 having by her had issue:
..A1 William, his heir [see below]
..A2 Alexander Elphinstone
..A3 Norman Elphinstone
..A4 James Elphinston

The heir,
William Elphinstone of that Ilk, knight, received a charter to himself and his issue male with remainder to his brothers of the lands which he held from Sir William Lindsay of the Byres 1399 ad had issue:
..A1 Alexander, his heir [see below]
..A2 Henry, succeeded Alexander as heir male [see below]
..A3 William Elphinstone, m and had issue:
....B1 William Elphinstone, Bishop of Aberdeen, Chancellor of Scotland 1488, founder of King's College, Aberdeen, advised King JAMES IV against the Flodden misadventure, and d at Edinburgh 25 Oct 1514.

The heir,
Alexander Elphinstone of that Ilk, knight, k i n battle 1436 while victorious against the English at Piperden, m and left issue a dtr
..a1. Agnes m Sir Gilbert Johnston, only son of the 2nd marriage of Sir Adam Johnston of that Ilk, and succeeded to the Elphinstone lands in Lothian.

The heir male,
Henry Elphinstone of Pittendreich, knight, uncle of Agnes, succeeded to the Elphinstone lands in Stirlingshire and d ante 1496 having had issue:
..A1 James Elphinstone, yr of Pittendreich, m and left issue:
....B1 John, heir to his grandfather [see below]
....B2 Alexander Elphinstone
..A2 Laurence Elphinstone of Selmys, m Margaret Hamilton and had issue

The heir,
John Elphinstone of that Ilk and Pittendreich, received charters of his Stirlingshire lands in 1496 and 1497, and in 1503 these were resigned by his overlord, Patrick Lord Lindsay of the Byres, to be held by Elphinstone of the Crown, and incorporated into a new Barony of Elphinstone. He d 1508 or 1509 having had issue:
..A1 Alexander, his heir [see below]

The heir,
Alexander Elphinstone, 1st Lord Elphinstone, attached during his father's lifetime to the Household of King JAMES IV. He m Elizabeth Barlow (or Berlay or Barclay), an English lady attached to the Household of Queen MARGARET, received various grants of lands in the Earldom of Mar united into the Barony of Innernochty, and received also Kildrummy and was constable of its castle. He was created a Lord of Parliament at the christening of Prince Arthur 1509, and in 1513 had Kildrummy regranted to himself and his wife and united with Innernochty into the Lordship of Elphinstone. He was k at Flodden 9 Sep 1513 leaving (with his widow, who m 1515 as his 3rd wife John Forbes, 6th Lord Forbes and d 1518) issue:
..A1 Alexander, his heir [see below]
..a1. Isabel Elphinstone m 1st David Lindsay of Dunrod and m 2nd Robert Maxwell of Calderwood
..a2. Eupheme Elphinstone m John Bruce of Cultmalindie
..a3. Elizabeth m Sir David Somerville of Plain

The heir,
Alexander Elphinstone, 2nd Lord Elphinstone, b 22 May 1510, m Katherine dtr of Robert Erskine, 4th Lord Erskine, by his wife Isabel eldest dtr of Sir George Campbell of Loudoun, and was k at the Battle of Pinkie 10 Sept 1547 having had by her issue:
..A1 Robert, his heir [see below]
..A2 John Elphinstone, parson of Innernochty
..A3 James Elphinstone, m as her 3rd husband, ante 10 Jun 1589, Janet (d 17 Dec 1591) dtr of George Leslie, 4th Earl of Rothes, widow of David Crichton of Naughton and of John Grant, 4th of Freuchie. He was still alive 1599.
..A4 Michael Elphinstone, knight, Master of the Household to King JAMES VI.
..A5 William Elphinstone, ancestor of the Elphinstones of Calderhall and Hatton.
..a1. Margaret Elphinstone,b 14 Feb 1528/9 m ante 8 May 1552 John Livingstone of Dunipace and had issue
..a2. Isabel Elphinstone m James Hamilton of Haggs and had issue
..a3. Marjory Elphinstone m Sir Robert Drummond of Carnock.

The heir,
Robert Elphinstone, 3rd Lord Elphinstone, b 9 Sep 1530, m Margaret dtr and co-heir of Sir John Drummond of Innerpeffrey by his wife Lady Margaret Stewart, legitimised dtr of King JAMES IV, and d 18 May 1602 having had issue:
..A1 Alexander, his heir [see below]
..A2 George Elphinstone, Rector of the Scotch College in Rome
..A3 James Elphinstone of Barnton
..a1. Jean Elphinstone m as his 1st wife Walter Barclay of Towie (k 1587 by William Meldrum of Montcoffer)
..a2. Agnes Elphinstone, b 3 Oct 1559 m as his 1st wife Walter Ogilvy, 1st Lord Ogilvy of Deskford
..a3. Elizabeth Elphinstone m 1 Oct 1582 Sir Robert Innes of that Ilk, and d 26 Feb 1613
..a4. Margaret Elphinstone m John Cunninghame of Drumquhassel.

The heir,
Alexander Elphinstone, 4th Lord Elphinstone (in preparation)

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