What's New in April?


The construction introduced last month includes a magazine format for material not readily classified as archive data in the style of Moncreiffe's Family Records and Buthlaw's Armorie. We intend to publish the magazine monthly, but to retain permanently on the server most of the material appearing in it.

The most recent data and articles, uploaded or modified this year, are listed below with links into the archives.



The early ancestry of the Frasers and the later ancestry of the Frasers of Lovat, Strichen, Muchalls, Philorth and Inverallochy remain included in the Introductory Series. Data additional to the March upload, kindly provided by the Chief of the Frasers, Lady Saltoun, has been added as purple annotations to Fraser of Philorth. Links through to all the other Fraser branches are located at the foot of that page.

The Stoneys in North America

In response to our query about the links from Ireland to the Stoney family in North America, we received some very useful notes from R'Nita Rogers, published now to encourage other contributions. Later this year we intend to consolidate all the Stoney material we have received and then to publish as complete a lineage as we can. It will start with George Stoney, resident in Yorkshire, whose son emigrated to Ireland around 1690 and bought several properties in Tipperary.

Johnstone of that Ilk

The successful claim to the House of Lords Committee for Privileges submitted by Patrick Andrew Wentworth Hope Johnstone, 26th Chief of Clan Johnstone, in respect of the Earldom of Annandale and Hartfell, has returned the senior line of this great border clan to the peerage directories and republicised the judgement of the Lord Lyon that it is to the representer of this line and not to Caskieben that the designation "of that Ilk" belongs. The early years of Clan Johnstone are usually claimed to be "lost in the Mists of Antiquity", and until those mists clear the exact relationships between the various branches scattered over Scotland will remain difficult to determine. Much of what has been written of the Johnstones, especially by Sir Bernard Burke in his Dormant and Extinct Peerages, is seriously in error.

We intend to publish a closer look at the earliest records of the Johnstones and their relationship with their overlords, the Bruces, in Yorkshire and in southwestern Scotland, later this year. In pursuing this ascent we have been assisted significantly by Jeffrey M. Johnstone, FSA Scot., who sent to us an unpublished paper on the early Bruce-Johnstone-Kirkpatrick links in Annandale written by Robert A. Shannon, FSA Scot. For the present the notes now reproduced from our manuscript archives may help Johnstone family historians eliminate some of the problems and contradictions created by Burke's mistakes.

Other interesting families whose early origins have been uploaded this year include:

Grant of Freuchie (later Grant of Grant)




Royalty and the British Constitution

A report of Diana adopting a new badge is discussed in the Royal Families section. The Constitutional Matters section again features Views from Westminster and from Maastricht, as was expected, but late news received on the use of the ridiculous "Braveheart" to support the case for Scottish Independence is included in the Stop Press section of the Contents page.


New Chapters

A new chapter, Measures for Measures, has been added to the anthology Mists of Antiquity. This takes a brief and sorrowful look at some of the ancient measures now being legislated out of our lives. The most recent chapter to be published before this, Feminism as it used to be, began an occasional series that will look at the discreet power exercised by the ladies in earlier centuries..


Internet Comments on Screenplays about History

The arms of Wallace of that Ilk

As mentioned above, "Braveheart" is being recruited by the SNP to promote the cause of Scottish Independence, despite its story being the worst distortion of history in the appalling record of Hollywood. The controversy on the Internet between its director's fans and the historians who criticised his attitude to factual accuracy has been retained on the server and, in view of its renewed political significance, will be kept available for download.

Comment on the Current Cinema

Our correspondents have revealed a surprisingly wide interest in screenwriting. It appears there may be hundreds of thousands of cinemagoers who want to write scripts and scores of thousands who do, many of these being convinced they can produce a better product than the public is currently forced to accept. Accordingly, the new cinema section is to include occasional articles from screenwriters and producers. The first of these, a review of the 1996 releases from the perspective of a screenwriter, John Hill (Quigley Down Under, Griffin and Phoenix, et al.) appeared last month, together with, as a Spring Supplement, the script of a new romantic comedy-adventure, ROYAL FLUSH, currently under discussion in London and Hollywood.

This month the Screen Notes section features comment on What is Truly Obscene in recent films


Clan and Family Associations are invited to register online

The Editor wishes to have ready access to the representatives of Clan and Family Associations so that the information derived from new lines of research may be crosschecked with their archives. Where Associations so wish, The Baronage Press will furnish hyperlinks to their own Websites.

Internet Comments on "Braveheart"

Cinema Notes: - What is Truly Obscene?

Cinema Notes: - A Screenwriter's View of 1996


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