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Badges, Plaques and Charts

Pegasus artists design badges and logos in modern styles for a large cross-section of corporate and institutional clients, but the primary interest remains heraldic. Scottish clan badges are available in the form of certificates suitable for framing, and these are signed by the appropriate chief or chieftain. Clan badges may be requested also in electronic form as start-up screens for computers, in which case they are accompanied by an enamelled wall plaque featuring the badge and the appropriate signature.

Many of the armorial designs also are suitable for enamel plaques in addition to their more usual display as charts or in books. The "name" series is an example. The one displayed below was designed for enamel, but is of the type that may be produced also as an individual wall chart or as a conventionally-printed poster. Enquiries are invited from clan societies wishing to have designs prepared for the presentation of their names and histories. Prices can be quoted for economic batch quantities of traditional, high-quality print runs, but films can be sent directly to clients for local printing where that is more economic or more convenient.

The Clansman's Badge of Clan Hay

A design for an enamel plaque. (All these pictures are seen here at low resolution.)

Details of the plaque

Viewers should note that these images are seen on-screen at the low resolution of 72 dots per inch (28 dots per cm). Artwork printed for Pegasus Armorie clients is at the very high Linotype resolution equivalent to 2,540 dots per inch (1,000 dots per cm).

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