Constitutional Matters

Robert Burns

Alan Cunningham, in his Life of Robert Burns, illustrates Rab's sentiments on the government of Scotland by quoting the popular

Does haughty Gaul invasion threat?

reproduced here for those Scots who seek to misrepresent the value our greatest poet placed on the Union.

Does haughty Gaul invasion threat?
.....Then let the loons beware, sir,
There's wooden walls upon our seas,
.....And volunteers on shore, sir :
The Nith shall rin to Corsincon,
.....And Criffel sink in Solway,
Ere we permit a foreign foe
.....On British ground to rally.

O ! let us not, like snarling curs,
.....In wrangling be divided,
Till slap come in an unco loon
.....And wi' a rung decide it.
Be Britain still to Britain true,
.....Amang ourselves united ;
But never but by British hands
.....Maun British wrangs be righted.

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