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Alex Salmond was educated in Linlithgow and at St. Andrew's University. Married, he worked as an economist in the Civil Service before joining the Royal Bank of Scotland as an Oil Economist. Elected to Parliament as the MP for Banff & Buchan in 1987 he quickly became a prominant national figure, interrupting the Budget in 1988 and being suspended from the House of Commons for that protest against the Poll Tax.

A member of the National Executive Committee from the early 1980s he was prominant in the '79 Group which resulted in a brief expulsion from the Party in 1981. He was elected Vice Convener for Publicity in 1985, Senior Vice Convener (Deputy Leader) in 1987 and National Convener (Leader) in 1990.

Alex Salmond has written a weekly column for The Herald and is a contributor to a wide range of publications on a wide variety of matters.
He has
a particular expertise in economics, fishing and energy and was a member of the House of Commons Energy Select Committee from 1987 - 1992.

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but not history, we note!

When we first drew attention to the risible claim of the Scottish National Party, as expressed by its leader, Mr Salmond, that Mel Gibson's travesty of the life of Sir William Wallace, Guardian of Scotland, produced as "Braveheart", was truly historic in its portrayal of our national leaders (particularly, by implication, of the Bruce family as the betrayers of Wallace and, by extension, of the Scottish nation), and explicitly true in its validity throughout the following seven centuries, we received several e-mails from North America asking who this clown, Salmond, is.

So, in answer, we produce above his own, his very own, his personal view of himself (which may be checked by incredulous readers against its source on the Web pages of the Scottish National Party).

Of course, everyone may be excused typing errors ~ but the same error in adjacent paragraphs of a political document broadcast to a world audience by a self-proclaimed national leader? We think not ~ certainly not when spellcheckers are so freely available.

"Married, he worked as an economist in the Civil Service ....... " The implication here is that his marriage and his work in the Civil Service were connected ~ or that he does not write what he means to write, or does write what he means not to write, and/or is unfitted for serious politics (unless, of course, he did owe his job in some way to his marriage).

And this claim to prominence? It's the "'knickers!' syndrome" again. He was grossly ill-mannered in Parliament, was told to stand in the corner, and he flatters himself now that this is prominence. Then he became prominent in the Scottish National Party, he claims, by being expelled from it. Fantastic! So he's a hero as well!

(Of course, he may have been thinking of "solar prominence" ~ which our dictionary tells us is "a great tongue of incandescent gas". Yes, fine, we'll go along with that.)

For our overseas readers of Scots ancestry, who may from time to time meet deluded patriots seeking financial donations for the fight for "independence" (which is to say ~ the conspiracy to submit us to rule by "leaders" such as Salmond), and are then forced to listen to mendacious interpretations of our history, and particularly of our great poet, we publish now a too-often forgotten expression of what Robert Burns really believed about the value of a United Kingdom, especially in respect to threats from the continent of Europe.

Incidentally, this is how we reported the original broadcast of Salmond's bizarre views on our history ~

At 1730 BST on the 2nd April 1997, on the Dutch television channel Nederland 2, the leader of the Scottish National Party, Alex Salmond, claimed that ~

the Scottish people have always been "sold out" by the Scottish chiefs.

As is immediately obvious, any man who has to rely on this absurd movie to support his proposals for Scotland's future cannot believe he has a serious case to put before the electorate.

As is equally obvious, any Scotsman who quotes this absurd movie to support his own proposals for his own future is either a buffoon or an ignoramus or a knave. Certainly, whether buffoon, ignoramus or knave, he is no candidate for the leadership of Scotland.

All readers with the future well-being of Scotland and her people at heart are asked to copy and forward this report to all their friends with the wish that they will in their turn forward it on to others.

For a selection of Internet comments on the meretricious script of "BRAVEHEART" ~ click here.

The fantasies on which Alex Salmond based his fatuous statement include the portrayal of Sir William Wallace as a peasant leader betrayed to the English by the Bruce chief, the father of Robert Bruce, the future king. But as Wallace was the son of a knight and the grandson of the Sheriff of Ayr (equivalent to a viscount) he cannot be claimed as a peasant, and as the Bruce chief had died on crusade in Palestine some 15 months before Wallace was captured, .............. Go on ~ do read the Internet comments ~ click here.

15-mile-wide UFOs are on their way to blow up Edinburgh..

What does Mr Salmond propose should be done about that ?

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