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We receive hundreds of letters and, rather than publish all the interesting ones, which could be worthwhile but would occupy a lot of space, we choose to publish none. But there is always one worth treating as an exception (we think!). And here it is ~
Royal Pardon ?

Another Letter from America

Thank You Very Much. Anyway, I've adopted The Queen as a parent in her capacity as Duke of Normandy, Duke of Lancaster and Lord of The Isle of Man! So now I have informed The Palace that I am a Pretender Claimant as Princess Martin of Normandy, Lady Martin of Lancaster, and Lady Martin of The Isle of Man! I have also enquired of the Palace, "If The Queen becomes Head of Our Country again can she issue a Pardon to William Jefferson Clinton for Personal Affairs and then make him Prime Lover" ~ ooops I mean Minister Here ~ Thanx again.


Princess Martin of Normandy

PS ~ I experienced The Queen Mother's humour with the help of her Lady in Waiting Angela Oswald. Before I left Britain on January 9 I sent The Queen Mum a plastic gold crown and T-shirt that says on it "THE QUEEN IS NOT GRANTING AUDIENCES TODAY", along with copies of letters I got from Clarence House signed by The Queen Mum's late lady in waiting who is Diana's grandmother Ruth Fermoy from the 80s when I used to send the Queen Mum coins and ask for them to be sent back*. In January 1998 I got a box in the mail from Buckingham Palace and on the green Customs tag on the box it said "Unwanted Gifts" ~ hahaha! I was scared to death that my joking had gone too far this time. I opened the box and they had sent back the Plastic Crown and T-shirt, but at the bottom of the box was a nice letter from Lady in Waiting Angela Oswald from Clarence House that said The Queen Mum was happy I had seen so much stuff in Britain. So The Queen Mum played a joke on me with the help of Lady in Waiting Angela Oswald ~ hahaha! The letter from Clarence House is dated January 9, 1998 ~ before The Queen Mum's fall. In truth I do Pray for the Queen Mum and I am A Friend of St Paul's Cathedral and hope to attend a service with Her Majesty there in July. I am also a member of English Heritage and have visited Stonehenge, Avebury, Porchester Castle, Old Sarum, Windsor Castle on the day it reopened to the public, and other neat sites. So I really like all this stuff and will visit your page again about possibly ordering some things of interest to me. Thanx again!

Princess Martin web page being updated is www.webspawner.com/users/kueeng


* An earlier letter revealed that Mr Martin Maraquin sent coins to the Queen and the Queen Mother so that, when returned, they having touched them would symbolise his creation as a knight. This is a very curious and previously unknown custom which shopkeepers in Knightsbridge holding Royal Warrants might wish to bring to the attention of the Prime Minister.

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