The Alternative Constitution ?
As reported elsewhere, the following letter was sent to a British newspaper, The Sunday Times, from America:

A legitimate leader of a free people, a man not foisted on us by bloodline, a man chosen by the consent of the governed,
a man who represents our choices on many issues but, neverthless, a womaniser, a philandererer, must, according to the media, be driven from office.

I agree. Let us remove all philanderers from office. First, let us remove those who were not chosen by a vote of the people, those who are not legitimate holders of governmental power, dictators, monarchs, Prince Charles, for example. Next we remove the elected philanderers. Okay?

Andy Johnson
(Former member of the Florida
House of Representatives)
Talk Radio 970 WVOJ, Jacksonville

Conspiracies to suborn, corruption of the law, and the sins of the flesh have all received their share of media coverage this last month. There is nothing we would wish to add to the comment even if we had something new to report. But this letter proposing the superiority of Bill Clinton over the Queen of England, in that the former was chosen and the latter (as alleged ignorantly) was not, deserves to be answered on one specific point of the greatest importance - the corruption of the English language.

Our language is perhaps our most precious heritage. It does not belong to Bill Clinton. Nor does it belong to such of his countrymen as the writer of this letter represents. And among the reasons it is precious is that it helps to safeguard our liberties. The corruption of language is a permanent target for dictators and all who assist anti-democratic movements. In the land that so vociferously guards "free speech" we expect this to be recognised.

Bill Clinton, the "man who represents our choices on many issues", sought and still seeks to corrupt our language.

The (American) Merriam-Webster's Collegiate Dictionary gives -

Sodomy - 2: noncoital and esp. anal or oral copulation with a member of the opposite sex

Copulate - to engage in sexual intercourse

Sexual intercourse - 2: intercourse involving genital contact between individuals other than
penetration of the vagina by the penis

It now appears to be generally accepted by members of Congress and by the American news media that the "inappropriate relationship" to which Bill Clinton confessed is one of sodomy. Merriam- Webster's definitions appear to insist that sodomy is a form of sexual intercourse. They appear also to refute the suggestion that "oral sex" (sodomy) cannot be a basis for the charge of adultery, because -

Adultery - voluntary sexual intercourse between a married man and someone other than
his wife or between a married woman and someone other than her husband.

Intercourse forms a relationship between two people. It cannot be said to belong to one partner alone, not by anyone, not even by one of those partners.

English is indeed a very valuable language, but it will remain so only as long as its users insist that its definitions remain uncorrupted.

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