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The Union Flag

In our analysis of the threat to the sovereignty of the United Kingdom posed by the ambitions of the European Union (see The British Monarchy within a Federal Europe) we predicted ~

If the sovereign People decides, through its representatives in Parliament, that British Law is to be retained, the role of the Monarch as the Supreme Justice within the United Kingdom will become recognised as the greatest hurdle the federalists have to surmount.

and we insisted that ~

The relationships shared

¶ by People and Monarch (Sovereignty),

¶ by Monarch and Law (Justice), and

¶ by Law and People (Liberty),

Union Flag

are not just a redundant element in the nation's ancient history ~ they have a continuing vitality which may prove incompatible with surrender.

The role of the Monarch as the Supreme Justice within the United Kingdom will become recognised as the greatest hurdle the federalists have to surmount. We thus expected the initiation of a continuous, covert campaign to subvert the position of the Queen by eliminating or downgrading the symbols of the sovereignty she represents (the People's sovereignty), and by weakening and ultimately severing her direct links with the British people. The events that followed immediately on the death of Diana, Princess of Wales, particularly in the manipulation of a few tunnel-visioned editors of the national press and a subservient BBC, confirmed the validity of this expectation.

The break-up of the United Kingdom through the devolution planned to bring it about is another stage of this process, and the Patten recommendations for the future of the Royal Ulster Constabulary (the RUC) are yet one more example of the insidious warfare now being conducted in parallel. They propose the abolition of ~

1. The adjective Royal in whatever will be its new name.

2. The crowned harp in the cap badge.

3. The present oath of loyalty to the Queen.

4. The Union Flag flying at police stations.

crowned harp
In response to the outcry against the proposed removal of the Queen's name from the oath of loyalty, the suggestion that it should be removed from the oaths sworn by all policemen in the United Kingdom was circulated. This, it was said, would make it easier for the RUC to accept. Doubtless the next suggestion will be the removal of the Queen from the oath of loyalty taken by her armed forces ~ to facilitate the obedience to orders from Brussels.

These political developments (together with Australian republicans insisting that their beautiful flag should be changed) have inevitably thrust the subject of national flags into popular consciousness, and this awareness in the United Kingdom has been further enhanced by complaints that the three Saints' crosses in the national ensign do not reflect the multi-cultural, multi-racial, multi-religious composition of these islands' population. One "new Briton" has pronounced the use of the Saints' crosses as offensive to his co-religionists, while another has accused the Union Flag of flaunting colonialism.

Accordingly, we shall now examine how the Union Flag was composed.

The Union Flag (continued)
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