ROYAL FLUSH, William Dennenberg’s affectionate parody of Hollywood’s romantic comedy adventure genre is available for download as a PDF file.

This is the tale of a truly uninhibited English princess pursued by terrorists finding refuge in Arizona, and solace in the arms of an American cop and his lover. Specially written as an e-Book, this is a must for all royalists and for everyone who enjoys a good, racy read that exposes high life for what it undeniably is.

Composed with the eye of a perceptive observer, the story is rich in shrewd and authentic insights into the camouflaged strengths and weaknesses of royal life. The heroine, blonde, elegant and beautiful, witty, tall and athletic, faces the continuous stream of dangers with a cheerful bravery that disguises her inherently manipulative and regally obdurate character.

This is one princess you cannot meet in the flesh, but at least you can now buy the book. To read it as a PDF file you must have Adobe Acrobat Reader, but this program can be downloaded free from the Adobe website and has now become essential to the full exploitation of everything the Web offers.

Download ROYAL FLUSH now for only US$7.00

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