Unique Title from Royal Deeside

The ancient Braemar baronial title is to be offered for sale by the Trustees of the Mar Estate. This preliminary announcement in the Baronage pages will be followed later by more details of its history and heraldry.
For the present a PDF file, accessible from this page, gives an outline of Braemar’s fascinating past and the parts played in Scotland’s story by those who held it.
Heraldry from Braemar
William Duff,
1st Earl Fife
Later Earls of Mar,
the Erskine family
William Duff
of Braco
Early Earls of Mar
(had no surname)
The banner of the late Baron of Braemar speaks eloquently of Braemar’s royal connections, the second and third grand quarters featuring the arms of his mother, Lady Patricia, daughter of the Duke of Connaught and Strathearn, third son of Queen Victoria.
The first and fourth grand quarters bear his paternal arms of Ramsay of Dalhousie quartering Maule of Panmure, the whole differenced by a bordure of pean.
The price at which Braemar might be sold is a matter of conjecture. The Barony of Macdonald went for an undisclosed price after being offered for a million pounds, but we believe Braemar’s unique place in Scotland’s history and heritage puts it in a higher category.
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The Barony of Braemar was sold to its new Baron shortly after being featured in the Baronage pages.
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