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Interesting Titles Recently Featured
The following properties have been removed from our Property Portfolio pages either because they have been sold, or withdrawn from sale, or have been there long enough for all our existing readers to have read about them. We have decided to keep them online in case future readers find them mentioned in search engines and wonder what was written about them.
As it is only rarely that the Baronage staff will have access to the documentation of a title offered for sale, Baronage can give no guarantee that a title featured here because of its interest is in fact faultless. All potential buyers are strongly urged to ensure they are advised and represented by appropriately qualified and experienced lawyers.
Badge of Clan Macdonald
The Barony of MacDonald
The Barony of Braemar
The Lordship of Leslie and the Earldom of Rothes
The Lordship of the Garioch
Arms of Fleming of Biggar
The Barony of Biggar
The Barony of Macduff
The Barony of Kelly
Arms of Colebrooke
The Barony of Crawfordjohn
early arms of Mar
The Barony of Cromar
Arms of the Earls of Haddington
The Barony of Coldingknowes
The Manorial Lordship of Stanbury
Readers interested in acquiring a French or Scottish feudal title or an English, Irish or Welsh manorial lordship are invited to write to the Editor defining their interest. We shall then watch the market on their behalf.
If any property agent or auction house has a property with especially interesting historical or heraldic connections we shall be pleased to consider writing about it in the Property Portfolio section.

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