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Sharlene Lindskog-Osorio is a self-taught American artist who started in her early ’teens with artbooks and developed her style from there.

Her love of horses (she has owned several) has heavily influenced her work and she is currently completing a commission, destined for Texas, featuring the four horses of the Apocalypse. This is an oil painting measuring 24" x 36".

Sharlene, a native of Northern California, is married and her two daughters are both artists.

Although her international fame has been based principally on her equestrian paintings, she portrays other animals, and, of course, humans, with equal artistry. Her immense skills are evident also in her adept handling of landscapes and seascapes, so that despite her reputation as a superb equestrian artist she has secured her position in the art world in general.

While increasingly interested in “the magic of life”, she still accepts commissions on almost every subject.

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